The person who put this page together has two X chromosomes and a somewhat erratic fondness for sketching, writing, and playing obsolete computer games in underrated genres. She also has a tendency to develop fondnesses for obscure facets of pop culture.

Other interests include big cats, birds and casual birdwatching, reading, and listening to novelty music and audio dramas (usually old time radio, but mostly stuff from 20+ years ago).

I'm also not a "people person", so forgive me if I seem aloof and withdrawn. I'm just not the social type.

Lastly, Akril is not my real name. It's an Internet penname that I made up, only to later discover that it is another spelling for acryl (acryllic) paint.

For a near-complete list of my interests and disinterests, click here.

My AOL IM screenname is akril15, and my MSN IM screenname is akril15[at]hotmail[dot]com (replace bracketed bits with @ and .).

Regarding the site itself, all visual elements of the design were made from scratch - the Art and Literature banners are collages of my work from when I was seven or eight years old to the present day (give or take), and the image on the Links banner is a collection of keychain links that I've had tucked away for years, unsure of what to do with's finally served a purpose, so it seems.

P. S.: Yes, the title of this page is a real word, and not an entirely bad title, if you take the "one man's trash is another man's treasure" proverb literally.