Most of my art can be found in small amounts in various archives. I contribute the most frequently to my DeviantART archive, however.

And now, some pictures that I didn't toss into the Untouchables folder for sentimental reasons:

The Lost Chapter Advertisement: An ad for Vonster D. Monster's Space Quest fangame, Space Quest: The Lost Chapter, which I got a fleeting "appearance" in. Sadly, the game's page hasn't been updated in years. However, when a new version of the game came out, Vonster incorporated this image into the game!

Edgar's Tale Advertisement: An ad for my King's Quest fan fiction, Edgar's Tale. This was back when I loved KQ, before a certain fan project tainted it a little for me.

Cassima's Tale Advertisement: An ad for a followup to Edgar's Tale: a much longer story (in two parts) entitled (amazingly enough) Cassima's Tale.

"Over My Head": A Space Quest music video I made using the song "Over My Head" from "Titan A. E." It was both fun and challenging to make (7 MB).

"Sierra Intros": A montage of the intro screens and/or movies from most of Sierra On-Line's adventure games, in roughly chronological order, from the early 80s to the late 90s. The music is a lesser-known segment of "Journey of the Sorcerer", which has become known as the theme song for The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. However, there's nothing even remotely H2G2 in this video...except for a few spacescapes, a robot and a dolphin.
I really shouldn't make music videos in Flash (9 MB).

I found this printout of a comic that I did when I was about nine years old that is probably one of my first comics created by computer. It wasn’t made with MS Paint – it was made with a DOS program called Paintshow that came with an ancient non-brand PC, and printed on a black and white dot matrix printer. It gives you an idea how my sense of humor and artistic skills have evolved over the years. It was also so demented and amateurish that I thought it was just plain hilarious.

Here’s a “translation” plus a description of the plot, in case you can’t make out what’s going on:

(Horsie is standing in front of a drug store)
Horsie: Just what I need (sniff).

(Horsie is at drug store counter)
Horsie: I need some medicine.
Clerk (pointing): Wight dat way, huss.

Horsie (thinking): Bowling ball butt.

Horsie (gaping in awe): WOW!

(Horsie is standing in front of special display for “Superdrug”)

(Closeup of medicine – Superdrug: Will cure head-ache, hoof-ache, tail-ache, snotty nose, ear-ache, etc. $199.)

Horsie (thinking): $199?

(Horsie leaving store)
Horsie: I wonder how many weeks worth of allowance that is.

(Horsie is looking at his computer)
Computer: In ten years will you get $199. Horsie: Sigh.

(Caption: 10 years later, Horsie is at counter with a jar of Superdrug)
Horsie: Here is my purchase. [yes, that’s how I thought adults talked back then. How wrong I was.]

(Horsie slaps the $199 on the counter, opens the medicine jar and pops a pill)

(Horsie is gaily skipping away into the distance, clerk is staring blankly at the money (I think))
Horsie: YAY! Childhood! Freedom! (The en_ (the “d” got cut off))

Area 50.5: My first adventure game about a lab experiment determined to escape from the underground complex where she was created and into the world above. It's very short, and very large for its length (13 MB). Here it is on my site (which takes longer to load completely).

Adventure: The Inside Job: My second game, made with adventure game studio (the link leads to the game's own page).

I also take commissions.