Personal Sites

WSSQUID: A webcomic based on a story based on the Space Quest series that I've been making for some time now.

My DeviantART page: Where my art lives.

My ZBS Fanpage: A pretty out-of-date, ugly piece of work, but it's still got a lot of info about ZBS on it to peruse.

My Torin's Passage Fanpage: Based on Al Lowe's game. Since there have been no TP sequels forecast in recent decades, this page is pretty much as big as it's going to get, but it's a good place to come to if you're looking for info about the game (just PLEASE don't ask me to send it to you).

King's Quest IX: It Takes Two to Tangle: A project that took seven years until I decided that I couldn't finish it and another three months to form it into its current incarnation. What was once a game has now become a lengthy story with pictures, animations and music that would have appeared in the final game. I may not have been able to create a game, but at least I was able to create the next best thing.

Sierra's Resource Files: A project of mine that catalogues some of the more interesting backgrounds, animations, text and audio I find in the resource files of Sierra's games (and welcomes submissions by others!).

Adventure: The Inside Job: My first adventure game made in Adventure Game Studio, a homage to classic adventures and the genre as a whole.

Other Sites

Creative and/or Funny People's Sites

Too Much Spare Time: Andrew Kepple's homepage. This guy's work is one of the most twisted, bizarre, horrifying, yet unbelievably creative and hilarious stuff I've seen in a very long time. At times, I'm pretty dang jealous.

Box of Mystery: Datadog's homepage. He has created one of the best parody fangames I've ever played (and he made it in MS Paint too), as well as a slew of funny comics, cartoons and anecdotes.

Al Lowe's Homepage: Yet another funny guy. This one created the infamous Leisure Suit Larry games, and he's still providing the Internet with plenty of dirty jokes and gags.

Kevin and Kell: A very funny, yet at the same time impressively smart webcomic about an alternate world where there are no humans and every species of animal is intelligent...this includes wolves, rabbits, fleas, moths, fireflies, ameobas...things are a little more complicated than they are in most comics featuring anthros.

Ozy and Millie: Another webcomic I've followed for a long time. If you liked Calvin and Hobbes, you'll probably like this.

Jasper Fforde's Homepage: One of the most creative authors in recent years that I've had had the good fortune to discover (and even meet in person!). The creativity displayed in his novels is more than matched by the contents of his website...I mean, how many authors do you know that write books with a Special Features section?

Whimsical Will: One of the regular contributors to the Dr. Demento Show. His hilarious Demented News is updated every week (watch out for merciless puns, though).

Funny/Entertaining Stuff

Dementia Radio: One of my favorite online radio stations. It plays novelty music like the kind played on Dr. Demento, which is often a little crude and juvenile for my taste, but there is some great classic "dementia" played here as well. Prudes and people with no sense of humor, beware!

Rinkworks: A great timewaster of a webpage, especially their Fun With Words section and their Computer Stupidity collection. I don't really need to describe a site with a name like this do I? There's a lot of the usual "morons cracking their heads after an unsuccessful skatebording stunt" garbage, but there are some genuinely funny ones, like foreign commercials and some cute pet videos.

ZBS: ZBS's homepage. The work this company has done has been a major influence on me, and their obscurity has made me a bit frustrated that no one else seems to know about them. Visit. Listen. Be enlightened.

SpaceQuest.Net: One of the oldest still-active Space Quest sites. I often visit its message board.

The Whirlitzer of Wisdoms: Probably the biggest ZBS fanpage out there, which isn't very big, to say the least. The message board (which I occasionally visit) is probably the only ZBS message board out there as well (my early ezBoard attempt died pretty quickly, thank goodness).

More Serious/Boring Material

Snopes: Oh no! Look what horrible news just arrived in your inbox! A new virus is on the loose! Air fresheners can cause your house to burn to the ground! Someone is slipping HIV+ blood into ketchup dispensers in fast food restaurants! ...Relax. None of this is true. Don't hit that Forward button yet...check Snopes first to find out what's real and what's just plain false. You'll be glad you did.

The Internet Wayback Archive: Has a website you visited once or twice suddenly vanished from the Net? Try typing the address into the Wayback Archive and you might be able to visit it again -- no guarantees, though. If you want to take a look at what my old site looked like, try entering its URL (