There are characters like me in every game genre -- characters that were going to appear in a game, but had it unexpectedly cancelled.

Some of them hang around their own game, hoping that another company will complete it someday. Others spend their time hanging out in other games, which they can visit with ease. Then there are the ones like me who decide to dedicate their time to keeping this particular little genre running smoothly.

My name is Thalia James. I'm an agent of the 2D Third-Person Adventure branch of the Computer Game Maintenance Squad.

There are many agents in this part of the CGMS, and some of their assignments have turned into adventures of a scale almost as large as an actual adventure game.

And this is just one such adventure...

Thalia James is back on duty in Adventure: All in the Game, the sequel to Adventure: The Inside Job. When the CGMS finds itself in desperate need of new agents, Thalia is given the task of training a younger character for the job. Unfortunately, this character is from a genre that hasn't been on the friendliest of terms with Adventure in the past, and putting up with him may prove to be even more challenging than the tasks she has to walk him through.

However, as is typical of Adventure, a much more serious problem is lurking close at hand, and once Thalia becomes aware of it, she will need to keep all her wits about her if she is to conquer it.

Be prepared for more visits to rarely-seen locales, conversations with characters both familiar and foreign, obvious and obscure puzzles, and a good number of things of a BONK nature.

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--Akril 2011