Adventure: Welcome to the Genre Walkthrough

This walkthrough contains all the steps you'll need to take in order to complete the game. Don't use it unless you're really stuck, as it's bound to spoil parts of the game for you!

Starting Out:

Talk to Tlotzin, who briefs Thalia on her assignment. After he leaves, interact with Thalia's closet (the door on the right). Then, click the CommKey icon in the lower right corner.

Go to King's Quest VI and ask Darm about all the suspects. He'll tell you about the Mega-Game.

Go to the Mega-Game, where you'll meet Sparks. Go west twice and pick up the old record. Go north and pick up the branch. Retrace your steps, and you should run into Sparks again. Talk to him about the critters and the strange pile. Pick the lower of the two purple fruits, head east, then north.

Talk to Anita until you learn that she's missing a teleportation disk. Head north and use the fruit on the critter blocking the cave entrance. Head south, then east. After talking with Alexander, look at the strange animal sitting next to the water. Head east again and dip the branch in the tar pit. Head north until you meet the archeologist. Talk to her until you learn exactly what she's looking for. Examine, then interact with the pile of books sitting next to her, and she'll help you identify the animal you saw (be sure to answer her questions correctly).

Return to the Room Alexander was in and either talk or interact with the animal, which leaps into your inventory. Go east, north twice, then west twice. You should find yourself in a jungle. Here, use the animal on the pool of water. Then, pick up the large leaves, leave the Room, then re-enter. Pick up the fish the animal caught, then return to the Mega-Game's entrance.

Leave the Mega-Game. After finding yourself in a case, interact with the horsetails growing next to it. Interact with the fallen horsetail and use it on the sleeping dinosaur in the other cage. Do this again to wake the dinosaur, then talk with it three times. Pick up a pole from the pile it knocks down and use the pole on your cage's latch.

In the Vertex, look at the outlet near the double doors, then interact with it. Talk with Dylan.

Return to the Mega-Game and try leaving it again, and you'll get a very important call from Tlotzin.

Finding Jeff:

Go to Torin's Passage and ask the large, yellow flower about Jeff twice. Then go to King's Quest VI and ask Rusty about Jeff. Go to Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (a.k.a., the tech room) and interact with the table Sledge is sitting at. In the closeup, select the clip-on.

Go to the Mega-Game and head to the north cliff (one Room east of the archeologist's Room). Hide behind the left pillar until Jeff shows up, then use the clip-on on either him or Thalia. Talk with him.

Finding Luella:

If you haven't already, go to Torin's Passage. Then, from the Mega-Game entrance, head west until you reach the shops and enter the shop on the right. Talk to the shopkeeper until you learn when his shift ends. Head east, east, north, east, east and north again, where you'll meet Ichabod again. Interact with his portfolio and flip through the paintings until you find one he lets you take.

Return to the shops and use the painting on the shop window. Go inside and look at the window. Click around the shop until you find something Thalia is interested in. Unfortunately, she can't bring herself to steal anything at the moment, so head outside.

After the strange creature streaks past, go east, east, north, east and east to the Room with the tar pit in it. Pick up the plank and move it east until it's aligned with the flat rock, then interact with it to free the Jackalope. Return to the knick-knack shop and put the glasses on the counter. Take the mirror from the top of the display case, the Jack-in-the-Box from the toy basket, and the purple pig from the shelves near the counter.

Head east until you reach the southeast cliff. Look at the bird perched in the distance, then use the fish on it. When the bird gets closer, swap minds with it. Head west, then fly to the top of the castle. Talk to Clem three times, then grab the jacket.

As Thalia, head west, west, north, north, then west to a Room which is too cold for her to stay for very long. Quickly use the jacket on her, then try to talk to the Abominable Snowman. When that fails, use the mirror on him, then head west twice. Interact with the old tree at the mouth of the canyon, and you'll find Luella.

Finding the Rat:

If you haven't gone through the steps required to pilfer items from the knick-knick shop outlined in Luella's section, do so now. Next, go to the Room made available to you after Tlotzin's call. Interact with the console. Use your tar-dipped stick on the nothingness, and you'll get a lit torch.

Go to the tech room and take the ResAdjust from the table, then return to the Mega-Game and go north three times. Use your torch on the cave and head left twice. You'll see the rat, but it quickly scurries out of reach. Head back to the Mega-Game entrance and head east. Talk to Charlie about his work until you learn that he's having trouble with the sunlight. Use the large leaves on the bare tree, and ask Charlie for some silk, which he provides you. Return to where you last saw the rat and use the silk on the branch to climb up after it. When the rat drops something in the flowers, use the ResAdjust on the flowers to find it.

Finding Malcolm:

After finding one suspect, Malcolm will call you and tell you he's waiting for you. Go to the southeast cliff to meet him.

Leave the Mega-Game and go to Torin's Passage. Talk to the plant wearing the white "pendant" twice to learn what it's willing to trade the pendant for. Return to the Mega-Game, head north, east, east and north. Use the old record on Ichabod, and have him paint it blue. Return to Torin's Passage and use the painted record on the plant to get the teleportation disk.

Return to the Mega-Game and head north, where Anita will tell you how the disk works. Head back to the southeast cliff and throw the disk into the sea. Look at the sea, and you'll see a sea lion basking on one of the rocks below you. Swap minds with the sea lion.

Try to pick up the disk, then head to the left and try to pick up one of the bones. Go right and use the memory of the bone on the hole the crab scurried into. Head left, then enter the cave. Use the memory of the piece of metal and the memory of the disk on the cave floor. Switch back to Thalia, return to the Room with the black teleportation disk and interact with it to be teleported into the cave. Pick up the piece of metal.

The Rest of the Assignment:

Return to the Vertex and go through the double doors to find that Dylan is no longer in his gameroom. Use his VR helmet, change the display mode to ultraviolet and look around until you notice something out of place. Examine the writing, then leave the Vertex and return to the Mega-Game.

If you haven't gone through the steps required to pilfer items from the knick-knick shop outlined in Luella's section, do so now. Next, head to the cave and talk to Hawkins until you learn what the monster he's watching wants. Drop the Jack-in-the-Box into the hole, and take the crank.

Head to the shops, talk to R. Kyvist and ask if he has a copy of the music piece you're looking for. When he says that his gramophone is missing a crank, use the one you have on it. Head west and use the pig on the pile of pixels on the right. Return to the archeologist and give her the pig. Once she's gone, take her cassette recorder, return to the shops and use the recorder on the gramophone. Ask R. Kyvist about Chu.

After the Assignment:

Ask Sidonius about all the pieces of evidence you've collected. Go to the tech room and take the ResConverter from the table. Go to the MEga-Game, head west and pick up the perfume. In your inventory, use the ResConverter on the perfume. Return to Sidonius' game and use the perfume on him.

Note: If you want to take this game's "short path", just leave the Admin's Room and disregard the following section.

The Long Path:

Thank the Administrator for giving you a scale. Walk through the maze until you each the triangular pillar. Head south, then east until the pillar his half-hidden by the hedge. Look at the pillar to figure out what it says, head east, then north. Interact with the second pillar and push in the number of pegs equal to each number in the sequence you just discovered. In the garden, walk up to the only character there, then leave the closeup of him that appears. Keep doing this until he agrees to help you.

In Suzy-Ann's room, interact with the desk under the window twice to play her game. As Momo, walk east until you find a large rock, interact with it and pick up the small rock. Head north and enter the house. Pick up the seeds from the side table, use the seeds on the jay outside the window, and pick up the teacup. Walk to the NPC and use the teacup on her to get tea. Then press "1". When she asks you who you are, select the tea, then the jay (T.J.). When she asks you who to call, select the rock, then use your fist (Rockfist).

Back in the Mega-Game:

Head east twice and you'll finally meet Chu. Quickly use the recorder on her, then head west, west, north. Interact with the teleporter.

At your destination, head north. If you see any creatures either here or to the south, try to catch one. Find another creature and use the recorder on it, then use the recorder on the robot.

At the base of the elevator, pick up a rock a piece of rebar, and the band from the generator. Head down the hall and try to pass the plant. Use the rock on the rubber band and use the resulting sling on the sunlamp. Poke the plant with the rebar until it wilts, then continue down the hall.

In the office, use the computer and examine the sticky note. Examine the bookshelves until you find something that corresponds with the writing on the note. Flip through the book you find and note the placement of the sticky notes. Return to the computer and enter the password "groovy." Scroll through all the log entries. When LeMort appears, talk to him, then quickly swap minds with his fish.

Once you're back in the Mega-Game, if you didn't pick up a piece of fruit from LeMort's office, head west and pick up the fruit that drops from the free. Then return east and use the fruit on the critter. Good luck with the arcade sequence that follows!

After meeting Chu again, talk to her, then Alex, then use the recorder on her again. When Thalia is literally hanging on for dear life, swap minds with the creature from Space Quest II, then sit back and enjoy the ending cutscenes!

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