Welcome to the new website for the project that formerly existed under the webpage entitled "Another Unofficial King's Quest IX"!

It's been a long time since I started the project, and after numerous disappointments and troubles, I decided to share what I had created with the community in the form that was originally the basis for all adventure games -- a story.

Bear in mind, however, that this story is a little more dynamic than most works of fan fiction. I wanted to keep the spirit of the game in this story intact, and thus I have created something that I hope you find unique, enjoyable, reminiscent of the official games and above all, worth the wait.

If this is your first time reading the story, there are few things you need to know: Firstly, the story is divided into nine chapters, but the story will repeatedly branch as the two protagonists go their separate ways. Whenever this happens, you will be given an option of which character you want to follow first.

After you finish reading one character's section of the chapter, you will then have to read the second character's section (which starts at the same point in time as the first character's, so you will essentially be "rewinding" the chapter). If you don't read both sections, you will be missing a good portion of the story!

Secondly, there is a great quantity of visual media scattered throughout the story in the form of static scenes or sprites, character sketches or animated GIFs or WMVs. Smaller images will appear in the story itself, but larger ones are optional viewing the tapestry icons, and , indicate static pictures; the zoetrope icons, and , indicate animations.

Thirdly, there are two "minigames" in the story. You have an option to either play or skip them, and you won't be skipping anything important if you chose the latter. Now, enough with the blather...

On to the story...

Or skip to a specific chapter...

Remember, the fun doesn't end when the story does: there are a lot of extra goodies such as music, behind-the-scenes material, in-jokes and secrets on the Extras page!

Many thanks, gratitude, and/or minor apologies to: Ed Harvey, Luke Jensen, Liam Longbow, Alistair Gillett, Jess Morrissette, ZBS and Jasper Fforde (for keeping the magic alive), Kimmie and Kat of Sierra Planet, Pooky and Susan (my two faithful betas), Ken and Roberta Williams, Josh Mandel, Colin Davis, Andres Kalle, and C. Bittar, in principio

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