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Space Quest IV
Space Quest V

Space Quest 1 VGA:

View 936: An unused death message picture, showing Roger as "Orat Chow." A similar picture appeared in the SQ4 disk version and was pulled from the CD release: apparently Purina objected. (added by ATMachine, 5-7-08)


View 145: A pop-up panel with a button, saying "Load Nav Droid." This is for when you get into the space cruiser you buy at Tiny's. In the actual game the droid loads automatically. I guess this button was conceived to mimic the original parser version of the game, where IIRC you had to input a command to load the droid onto the ship. (added by ATMachine, 5-28-08)


View 52: This View contains two animations of Roger (wearing the Sarien uniform, minus the helmet). One shows him getting sliced in half by what looks like a chainsaw, while the other one shows him being incinerated. (added by Blockmaster, 10-31-13)

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Space Quest 4:

(Note: All of this material is from the CD version, unless stated otherwise)

Views 850-856, 971, and 999: Alternate cursors, including a complete set of silver icons to counterpoint the gold ones used in the game. (added by ATMachine, 5-7-08)


View 972: An alternate set of "Wait" icons, including a stopwatch that mimicks the disk version's idle cursor. (added by ATMachine, 5-7-08)


0.msg: Almost all of these Help messages for the control panel, the inventory window and the icon bar appear in the game, but only as text. However, there are voiced versions of all of them in resource.aud:

98 0 15 1 98 Raises and lowers the level of graphics detail.
98 0 16 1 98 Adjusts sound volume.
98 0 17 1 98 Adjusts the speed of the game's animation.
98 0 18 1 98 Saves your current game.
98 0 19 1 98 Restores a previously saved game.
98 0 20 1 98 Restarts the Game.
98 0 21 1 98 Exits the game.
98 0 22 1 98 Information about the game.
98 0 23 1 98 Exits this menu.
98 0 30 1 98 This toggles between spoken messages, printed messages, or both.*
98 0 31 1 98 This toggles between spoken messages and printed messages.
98 39 0 1 98 This icon brings up the control panel.
98 33 0 1 98 This icon is for doing.
98 29 0 1 98 This allows you to do something to an item.
98 37 0 1 98 This icon tells you about other icons.
98 28 0 1 98 This icon brings up the inventory window.
98 32 0 1 98 This icon is for looking.
98 41 0 1 98 Select this Icon then select an inventory item you'd like a description of.
98 40 0 1 98 Select this Icon to close this window.
98 30 0 1 98 This allows you to select an item.
98 36 0 1 98 This icon is for smelling.
98 34 0 1 98 This icon is for talking.
98 38 0 1 98 This icon is for tasting.
98 35 0 1 98 This window displays the current inventory item.
98 31 0 1 98 This icon is for walking.

*In the CD version of SQ4, you can have text or speech, but not both (unless you resort to a little "cheat" recorded in the
Space Quest FAQ). However, this speech clip plus this button (View 947) seem to indicate that "text and speech" was going to be an option at one point (added 11-16-13):

And just for the sake of completion, here's an even more crackly version of the "This icon tells you about other icons" line.


152.msg: There are spoken versions of these messages which appear while you're interacting with the control panel in Vohaul's inner sanctum (the last two lines are voiced, so I saw no need to include audio for them as well):

16 0 1 1 16 Error: disk write protected
16 0 2 1 16 Insert disk
16 0 3 1 16 Beam already contains program
16 0 4 1 16 No program in main computer
16 0 5 1 16 Downloading program to beam
16 0 6 1 16 No program on disk
16 0 7 1 16 Program uploaded to main computer
16 0 8 1 16 Roger Jr. already loaded
16 0 9 1 16 No program in beam
16 0 10 1 16 Program "VOHAUL" uploaded to main computer
16 0 11 1 16 Program "ROGER JR" uploaded to main computer
99 0 1 1 99 It is the brain's control panel.
99 0 2 1 99 It is the disk drive slot.


7 0 1 1 7 Thanks for saving me. I thought I was a goner.

Though this line from 557.msg sounds like it's spoken by Roger (and most of the copies of the SQ4 transcript say he does), it's actually Roger Jr.'s line. He says this line in the disk version, right after Roger uploads his mind into the beam in the inner sanctum. In the CD version, he just jumps straight to the "Follow me. There are many things we need to talk about" line after Roger saves him.


391.msg contains the text for Dacron Danny and Stunt Flier -- two games that were originally in the software store's bargain bin. There is narration for them as well:
Imagine a character SO offensive, SO sexually inept, and SO lame-brained that you just can't wait to step into his shoes! That's Dacron Danny, first in the Sahara Off-Ramp's new educational series of true-life adventures from the team of Hal Lowe-Ken Hugo. Learn how others see YOU! Dacron Danny.....your computer guide to your inner self!

Formerly entitled "Hero's Flyer," this is the flight simulator you've been waiting for. Tired of flight simulators that "load" and "run?" Still looking for a sim that really crashes? Featuring a stunning 3-D filled polygon, Stunt Flyer will have you going through the roof the moment you get it home.

Check out the section for the SQ4 beta to see these two games as they originally appeared in SQ4.


544.msg: These lines are from the screen inside the Supercomputer's programming chamber. All of this text appears in the game, and all of the lines marked with a 99 have narration, except for the second-to-last one, which I've never heard in-game.

97 0 1 1 97 Memory Free: 841,912,226 GBytes
97 0 2 1 97 Memory Free: 2,451 KBytes
97 0 3 1 97 Memory Free: 841,912,226 GBytes
99 0 1 1 99 The programming screen's format looks familiar...
99 0 2 1 99 Apparently, the programming screen is not equipped with a voice recognition system.
99 0 3 1 99 Probably represents some tertiary function of the super computer brain. Certainly nothing important.
99 0 4 1 99 You've seen this mystic rune somewhere else...
99 0 5 1 99 Yeah, this looks like toilet material.
99 0 6 1 99 Looks rather like a security droid of some sort.
99 0 7 1 99 This is your brain. Had this been a real brain, you would have known how to use it.
99 0 8 1 99 Initiating Formatting Sequence Value to 5000
99 0 9 1 99 The Andromedan symbol for "Life".
99 0 10 1 99 The exit bar.


View 1070: A speech portrait for Professor Lloyd (his head, his talking animations and his blinking animations are all separate animations; I just combined them into one animation). (added 11-20-13)


View 395: These various members of the crowd outside the software store are used in the game, but they're mostly covered up by the store's sign. Looking at their sprites in the resource files revealed that these are mostly edited and recolored Sariens from the SQ1 remake, while one of them looks like Roger in his Sarien disguise from the same game, but with a strange, opaque helmet stuck on his head. (added 11-20-13)


Pic 399: A crudely-drawn background with a moon, some stars and a horizon line -- possibly a placeholder background for Ms. Astrochicken? (added 11-20-13)


This six-second scream from Roger doesn't seem to belong to any particular part of the game's resources. When resource.aud is opened in Game Audio Player, this file is nestled between randomly sorted messages from the Galaxy Galleria, Xenon, and Kerona; but when SQ4 is opened in SCI Viewer, it's at the very beginning of the game's audio files, followed by the following two clips (which are in turn followed by some unused verbal descriptions of the game's controls: (added 11-20-13)


There are three lines in SQ4's voice files describing various aliens. For a long time, I didn't know what they could possibly correspond to, but I recently discovered that the text for those lines is in 16.msg (which I've reproduced below), which also includes the lines from the bar scene in the intro. Those three messages describe three of the aliens in the background perfectly, and makes it seem like this sequence was going to be interactive at some point. (added 11-20-13)

ROGER: Hey, it's a gilled Thwarkian lambotraus! I haven't seen one of those in years! (Most likely the alien on the far right.)
NARRATOR: It looks like a cross between a praying mantis and Richard Nixon. (Most likely the alien on the far left. In the SQ4 beta, this alien was described as "a cross between a Praying Mantis and E.T.".)
NARRATOR: Must be a duck billed planetpuss. (Most likely the alien sitting next to the lambotraus.)


Unused descriptions of the hologram of Beatrice. This sequence might have also been interactive at some point: (added 11-20-13)

It's a hologram of your future wife.
Her golden hair blows in the breeze, and you wonder how you could get so lucky.
It's a hologram of your future wife.
You gaze at the image of the beautiful woman and look forward to the day that you finally meet her.

I have no idea where this clip of the narrator singing about blue frogs appears in the game -- if, indeed, it does at all. The texr for it is in 531.msg, which contains all the messages associated with the time pod. 531.scr (which contains the scripts for the same screen) does contain a bit of code labeled "frog::doverb", but that seems to contain text that's displayed when the "Time-O-Matic" feature is activated (part of SQ4's debug mode). (added 11-20-13)


There's a lot of crap in 396.txt (the ATM console's text). No, seriously, look at it: (added 11-20-13)

3 0 1 1 3 crap
3 0 10 1 3 Your Account Balance Is Now:


3 0 11 1 3 Please Select One:

Clean It Out

3 0 2 1 3 crap
3 0 3 1 3 crap
3 0 4 1 3 crap
3 0 5 1 3 Your Current Account Balance Is:


3 0 6 1 3 crap
3 0 7 1 3 crap
3 0 8 1 3 Please Select An Option:


Withdraw Funds

3 0 9 1 3

Please Wait...
99 0 1 1 99 crap



97 0 1 1 97 There's some writing on the wall above the stairs. It says..." " Quality Assurance by: Mike Harian Dan Scott Tate Deloach Keri Cooper Bill Shockley Neil Matz Gordon Owens Dave Fleming Danny Woolard Chris Carr John Ratcliffe Robin Bradley Joe Perry Mike Pickhinke Sharon Smith Sharon Simmons Kevin Ray


97 0 1 1 97 Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers Space Quest IV Version %s Scott and Mark really owe a lot to, and couldn't have done even 1 percent as well without the generous help of the following hard-working, self-sacrificing people who probably deserve a lot more money for their unreal efforts:
97 0 2 1 97 THE IMAGE PEOPLE - Jon Bock, Jane Cardinal, Dana Dean, Max Deardorff, Karin A. Young, Donald Waller, Jeff Crowe, Desie Hartman, Eric Kasner, Jim Larsen, Max Deardorff, Nate Larsen, Suzi Livengood, Cheryl Loyd, Michael A. Milo, Gerald Moore, Jennifer Schontz, Cheryl Sweeney, Willis Wong

THE MUSIC MASTERS - Ken Allen, Rob Atesalp, Mark Seibert, Orpheus Hanley, Rick Spurgeon, Aubrey Hodges

THE DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM PEOPLE - Jeff Stephenson, Robert E. Heitman, Pablo Ghenis, J. Mark Hood, Larry Scott, Dan Foy, Mark Wilden, Eric Hart, Terry McHenry, Ken Koch, Chris Smith, Jack Magne, Martin Peters
97 0 3 1 97 ADDITIONAL MATERIAL/SPECIAL CONTRIBUTIONS- Josh Mandel, Brian K. Hughes, Oliver Brelsford

THE PROGRAMMERS WHO MANAGE TO MAKE ALL THIS CRAP WORK - Dan Carver, Neil (the guy who likes to make vols) Matz, Robert Andrews, Oliver Brelsford, Carlos Escobar, Brian K. Hughes, Randy MacNeill, Doug Oldfield, Raoul Said, Jerry Shaw, Max Deardorff

Q.A. SPECIMENS - Bill Hilton, Matt Genesi

Special Thanks to "Neil and Bob" for getting me "up" when I was "down."
Please disregard the 3 previous windows of text. A few loose-cannon programmers thought the world needed to see their names a whole lot more often. We apologize for any inconvenience these falsely inflated egos may have caused. Anyway, they've been dealt with (killed). We now return you to the game.

Both of these text snippets seem like Easter eggs that haven't been discovered as-of-yet. The rest of the text in 691.msg is text from inside the Ulence Flats bar, and there is no room whose number corresponds with 811.msg (most of the time, a Message/Text resource will have the same number as the room it's asociated with). (added 11-20-13)


There are descriptions of three items that were removed from the Hz. So Good Catalog in 391.msg. They appear in the disk version of the game (The Acronymizer in the Electronic Gadgets section, the other two in the Special Offers section), but not the CD version. (added 11-20-13)

The Acronymizer
In today's hi-tech workaday world, there are just too many acronyms to remember...resulting in CHAOS (Collective Hi-tech Acronym Overexposure Syndrome). With this handy-dandy pocket translator, you merely punch in the acronym ASAP and see what they're REALLY saying PDQ! 212 Buckazoids. Not available in Galaxy Galleria, Alpha Centauri or Peoria stores.

DuaPhunki Answering Machine
The ultimate in hi-tech answering machines. Not a phone device. Carry it around with you. If somebody asks you a question, the DuaPhunki will give the correct answer. If it doesn't know the answer, it'll make a good guess. Won't discuss politics or religion. 117 Buckazoids. Sold out.

Cheese Wiz II
Preprogrammed with over 350 varieties of cheese, Cheese Wiz II will tell you the precise temperature at which to serve that beautiful round of aged Cheddar or that oozing slice of soft- ripened Brie. A must for all cheese lovers. Will not work with aerosol cheese food products. 25 Buckazoids. Not available as such.


Text 610:

The Ulence Flats Bar. My, this place brings back some memories - most of them painful.

The Look message for the bar in the CD version is the same as the one for the sign, while this message is used in the SQ4 disk version as well as the beta. There's also a spoken line that is very similar (up until the end). (added 11-20-13)


Roger reading the Radio Shock/Hz. So Good Catalog:

Dodecaphonic AroundSound Processor
"Realrustic (tm) Dodecaphonic AroundSound Processor. Ever notice how flat and unexciting normal stereophonic, quintophonic, and octophonic recordings are? With the Real-Rustic, Dodecaphonic, AroundSound Processor, your music will seem to come from twelve directions: In front of you, behind you, either side of you, four midpoints above you, from below you, from inside of you, and from the upstairs neighbors! 877 buckazoids." Discontinued? I wanted that!

PocketPal Connector
"PocketPal Connector. If you are a proud owner of our ever-popular PocketPal Portable Terminal, you have no doubt noticed that, without the proper connector, it is virtually useless! Fortunately, at this moment, our exclusive PocketPal Connector is on sale for just 19.99 buckazoids. Get yours now, before the price goes up even further." Wow.

PocketPal Portable Terminal
"PocketPal Portable Terminal. 'Say! Is that a complete workstation in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?' Now you can carry the power of a dumb terminal around with you without even creasing your jumpsuit. Includes Chiclet-style keyboard, and Dentyne-style mouse. 3,406 buckazoids." Huh. That sounds pretty good.

"EpiChia. Now you can remove unsightly Chia growth from upper lip, legs, 'bikini area', and small clay figurines. Painless and electronic. Almost tickles, once you get used to it." Yeah, right! "Instantly cauterizes major blood vessels. Battery operated. 32-volt drycell not included. 32 buckazoids. Not available in the spiral arm."

Dandy Recipe Beamer
"Dandy Recipe Beamer. Imagine the situation:" (Okay...) "The ambassador from Kerona is coming for dinner..." (Not to MY house, he's not going to!) "...and all you have handy is is a can of condensed Cream-of-Orat soup, and a box of nano-wafers. You punch the appropriate buttons on your Recipe Beamer, and instantly, we beam the perfect recipe to you! Over 10 trillion recipes collected from all over the universe, just to make meal planning easier. 455 buckazoids. Estimated date of uplink: November, 2803."

"Cyber-Depunker. If your offspring is turning out to be 'just another rotten cyberpunk,' then you need the Dandy Cyber-Depunker. Works while your child sleeps to replace black-market implants, and removes antiproductive attitudes. May cause some motor impairment and memory loss, but isn't that a small price to pay? Battery operated." 580 buckazoids? THAT'S not a very small price to pay! "Currently under U.C.C. investigation."

Armatroid 2500
"Armatroid 2500. A remote control toy for all ages. The Armatroid 2500 is a mobile robotic arm that can swivel, turn, pick up light objects, tear wings off of flies, disembowel small mammals, and perform elective surgery. Teaches hand-eye coordination, elementary physics, and self-control. 35 buckazoids." Sold out?! Man...I might have gotten that.

Yo-Bot, the Ramboid Robot
"YoBot, the Ramboid Robot. Having YoBot in the house is like having an extra playmate around. Armed to the teeth with bazookas, laser pistols, and an authentic live nuclear warhead! Responds to voice commands with an authoritative, 'Yo!'." 69 buckazoids! Discontinued!? Gah -- all the good stuff is GONE!

Whether Radio:
"Realrustic (tm) Whether Radio. Hours of fun! Press the bar and get a burst of static. If you can figure out whether or not it's a radio, you're smarter than we are. Ability to pull in stations and reproduce sounds not included. 20 buckazoids. Due to delay in manufacturing, this item is not yet available." What's new with this catalog?

Universal Remote Control
"Realrustic (tm) Universal Remote Control. Control the entire universe with one remote control! Open garage doors on other planets. Turn off crucial life-support systems on passing spaceships. Terrify primitive cultures. Requires one AAA battery, not included. 1050 buckazoids. Sold out."

Iceman Pocket Ice Machine
"Iceman Pocket Ice Machine. This miracle of modern engineering fits in purse or pocketbook, and freezes 15 pounds of ice cubes per hour. Choose from ice slices, cubes, or crushed. Requires mini-hydrogen and oxygen canisters (sold separately). Breaks the ice at parties. 300 buckazoids. Recalled by manufacturer."

Faux-Component Swiss Army MicroEntertainment Center
"Realrustic (tm) Faux Component Swiss Army Micro-Entertainment Center. Styled to look like a real set of miniature components, this is a complete home entertainment center in one four-by-six-inch box. Includes CD-ROM unit, turntable, dual-cassette with 'Hyper WOW!' and 'megaflutter,' unfolding 84-inch digital color-projection multi-screen TV, corkscrew, and toothpick. 2,275 buckazoids. Back ordered. None currently available."

ReShrinkwrap 2000
"ReShrinkwrap 2000. Work for a large retail software chain?" (No...) "Like to take the products home and 'diddle' with them?" (Not especially.) "The ReShrinkWrap 2000 re-shrinkwraps any size software box. Is that game new or used? Only you'll know for sure. Keeps the customers guessing. Dealers only, please. 1,033 buckazoids."

There don't seem to be any text versions of these speech clips in the CD version of the game. There are also a couple of clips of just Roger's comments about the entries (e.g., "THAT'S not a very small price to pay", "What's new with this catalog?"). (added 11-20-13)


Alternate versions of the salesbot's spiels. Note how the store is still called "Radio Shock" here. (added 11-20-13):

Welcome to the Radio Shock Automated Catalog! Let us be your gateway to what's new and exciting in the world of 24th Century Electronics. Through the pages of our Automated Catalog, you will find gifts for the whole family. For Dad, look in Electronic Gadgets for our selection of Realrustic (tm) stereo components. For Mom, peek into The Electronic Mommy for a variety of labor-saving devices and marital aids! For Sis and Little Brother, browse our TechnoTots Toy department for the latest in electronic playborgs! (There's another version of this line which abruptly ends at the 11-second mark.)

Shopping our Automated Catalog is as easy as snapping your digital appendages. Using your mouse or Tab key, simply point to the menu item of your choice and press or click the mouse button. Should you get confused, simply return to the Top Menu and begin anew. Thank you for choosing us for all your electronic needs! We know you'll find just what you're looking for, and if you don't, we're wrong and you should look somewhere else. Your Radio Shock Manager.

These Special Sale Items are available for a limited time only. Availability is limited to items in stock, as-is only, no returns. Some items may be demo models, scratched, dented, or just not in very good shape. No warranties, expressed or implied, apply to these items. No refund or exchange.

This line has the same sound as the rest of the salesbot's lines in the game, but since he uses the "Radio Shock" name, it's obviously not used:
Welcome to Radio Shock -- a Dandy Company!


An unused line from the sequence when Roger tries to apply for a job at Monolith Burger while in drag, which is right next to Roger's "You male sexist pig!" outburst. (the text for both of these lines is in 388.msg) (added 11-20-13)

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Space Quest 5:

View 333: This looks like an unedited animation of an actor in a StarCon uniform, waving something in one hand. He/she might be using a squeegee on a window (which wouldn't really make sense, since he/she isn't in an EVA suit). (Thanks to ATMachine for the latter observation.)


Message 133: This text includes the names of the students that appear on the StarCon Academy computer. There is one name that doesn't appear in the final game: W. Beamish, obviously Willy Beamish, star of the Dynamix game, "The Adventures of Willy Beamish". (added 9-2-07)


Message 660: There are several messages from the "hanging from the edge of a giant mushroom" scene on Thrakus that apparently didn't make it into the game. One of the more memorable messages is "You lower the frock to Bea and she clambers over you as lightly as a pussycat. Well, maybe not quite that lightly." (added 9-2-07)


Message 760: There's a second message after the one that plays when Roger has his transporter accident on Genetix: "Or to put it another way: the offal has collided with a rotating air circulation device and the device has been placed on its maximum setting." (added 9-2-07)


Message 850: This is the text for the Battle Cruiser game, but one of the lines in the game instructions section is "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberry wine", one of the infamous insults from the Frenchman at the end of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". I don't know if there's a way to trigger it or not. (Also, it looks as if Roger was going to be the one who said this line.) (added 9-2-07)

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