The Discworld Easter Egg Conundrum

Unlike most adventure games, the sound files in Discworld and Discworld II can't be accessed with Game Audio Player, but all of the games' text is easily found in a file named "English.txt".
As I was reading the DW1 English.txt, I discovered this surprising line near the very end:
"I want to be the first person in a game to say #$%&*."
Things got even more puzzling when I found the following lines in the DW2 English.txt (just after the messages describing the Luggage):
"I want to be the first person in a game to say f**k!
What do you mean I've already said it?
Alright then, I want to be the first person in a sequel to say f**k!
Anyway, nobody wrote in and said they'd heard it in the first game, it must have been too well hidden!"
I had never heard any of these lines in the two games, and supposed that they were Easter Eggs, though no amount of searching turned up any mention of them. I finally posted a message asking about this mystery on the only forums dedicated to the Discworld games I could find (the homepage is here). To my surprise, several months later I got a response from the lead programmer of DW1 and 2:
Hi all,

To-date no-one (that I know of) has ever found either of the "Eric Idle says F*ck" cheats that I put into Discworld I & II.

There are matching sound-bytes for the text in both games (which would make great Windows sounds if extracted).

The speech file in Discworld 1 was not "bleeped" (and see what happened below). The F-word in Discworld 2 was bleeped out (to keep the publisher happy... see why below).

Here is the story I was told...

Someone's PC crashed while running Discworld I and it started playing all the sound bytes end-to-end. They listened to the lot and were amazed when Eric Idle spoke the infamous phrase:
"I want to be the first person in a game to say f*ck!... f*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck!"

Result: one unhappy publisher... one embarassed lead programmer :)

I have to wonder if anyone ever will find my cheats, as exact sequences of actions are required (more so in DWI than DWII).

Happy hunting!

Dave Johnston
Lead Programmer Discworld I & II

The plot thickens! I emailed Mr. Johnston, and he replied very promptly, dropping a couple of cryptic hints to the whereabouts of the Easter Eggs:
The only way they could hear it in DW1 would be a bug in the code playing (samples it shouldn’t). The chances of anyone find the Easter egg is about zero.

Hint: “In a large group, the ayes have it”

DWII is easier (but still unlikely to have ever happened). Just need to use 2 specific items together, 10 times. The verbal response will change on the 10th time. During the next few laps through the magic circle, there will be an extra visit to the DW1 Rincewind.

Hint: “2 items, you must be joking”

Unfortunately, this is where the trail dries up. Nobody on the forums I've mentioned this mystery on has reported discovering either Easter Egg, so it looks as if they are fated to remain undiscovered... least for the time being.

UPDATE (1-1-11):

It looks as if this puzzle has finally been solved! Unbeknownst to me, Dave Johnston created a website detailing exactly how to activate the two Easter Eggs almost three years ago. However, as I learned from a discussion on the AdventureGamer forums, the instructions on how to activate the DW2 egg are inaccurate: you have to use the Suffrajester on Rincewind 12 times. (You can't use the Suffrajester with the Chuckie doll because, well....there's no Chuckie doll inventory item in DW2!) Then, on the fifth time you enter the stone circle and end up in the previous game, the Easter Egg will be activated. You can view a video of this egg here. (Thank you to Dan_Dan_91_07 for figuring out how to access the second Easter Egg!)

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