Space Quest 6

This game was originally on the SQ page, but as I began uncovering more and more material, I soon realized that it would be a lot neater if I put all the SQ6 content on a page or two of its own, like I did with KQ7. (I also included a section for the demo at the bottom.)

Several of the speech clips are from my old Secret Sounds of SQ6 page. That page has been in need of some major updates for a long time, and I thought moving the content of that page here made more sense than keeping the sounds seperate from my other finds.

Text and Speech
Demo (talkie)
Other Demos

Though there is a lot of dialogue left out of SQ6, many of the unimplemented lines appear in a textual format as well as an auditory one, and a closer look at the Message files in SQ6 gives a much clearer idea about where and when a lot of these messages were supposed to appear. SQ6's .msg files look like this:

Noun Verb Cond Seq. Talker Text
0 0 6 1 2 Commander, I am receiving a message from StarCon.
0 0 6 2 33 Computer, on screen.
0 0 6 3 39 Hello, Commander Kielbasa. I have a new directive for DeepShip 86.

Noun: refers to the hotspot/event associated with the message

Verb: indicates which interaction occurred with the hotspot in question (0 seems to indicate a lack of any particular action, 1 is Look, 2 is Talk, 3 is Feet, 4 is touch, 6 is the exit cursor, and almost every other number is an inventory item)

Cond.: seems to indicate whether a message is triggered during a non-interactive cutscene or by the player interacting with something on the screen

Seq.: refers to what order this message appears in if it is part of a series of messages (if just one message is displayed after a click event, the number is usually 1)

Talker: indicates which talking animation plays along with the message

Text: is the actual text that is displayed on the screen (although in some cases, there is some additional text in parentheses that isn't displayed)

For the sake of cohesiveness, I'm including the text of the unused speech clips just as it appears in SQ6's Message files, formatting, questionable punctuation and all. "[...]" indicates an unrelated section of a file that I removed.


These Help messages do appear in the game, but these spoken versions of them don't:

6 17 0 1 99 The button lists the various life forms that helped create Space Quest Six.
24 17 0 1 99 This button brings up the Control Panel, allowing you to save or restore games, change volume and speed, and some other stuff. Have a look. Hurry now, while supplies last.
14 17 0 1 99 This control adjusts the amount of onscreen animation. If the game is very slow on your machine, try lowering this.
21 17 0 1 99 The "Hands" button allows you to pick up items, open or close things, push or pull them, or manipulate them in some appropriate -- or inappropriate -- fashion.
28 17 0 1 99 This button allows you to exit the current window.
7 17 0 1 99 This button allows you to find out what these controls do.
23 17 0 1 99 This button allows you to get an explanation of what each button on the interface does.
26 17 0 1 99 Click on the "Pockets" button at any time to see what you're carrying with you.
5 17 0 1 99 Push here to load a previously saved game.
20 17 0 1 99 Clicking on the "Eyes" button brings up the eye cursor, which you may then click on to get a description of that item.
16 17 0 1 99 This changes the music volume.
12 17 0 1 99 Push this button when you're done with whatever was so important that you had to pause.
11 17 0 1 99 Pushing this button exits the game.
10 0 0 1 99 This button turns screen scrolling on or off.
10 17 0 1 99 This button allows you to turn screen scrolling on or off.
4 17 0 1 99 Press this button to save your current place in the adventure.
1 17 0 1 99 This button allows you to turn screen scrolling on or off.
15 17 0 1 99 This button gives you control of the volume of the sound effects.
8 17 0 1 99 This button instantly cues the staff of Hollywood actors we have standing by to start acting the game out loud. Press it again, and they'll take five.
13 17 0 1 99 This button allows you to control the speed of this game.
22 17 0 1 99 Clicking the "Mouth" button brings up the mouth cursor. If you click the mouse cursor on a person, you'll talk to that person. If you click it on an object, you might chew it, lick it, or perform some other mouth-oriented action -- within reason!
17 17 0 1 99 This button allows you to adjust the speed at which the text messages are displayed.
9 17 0 1 99 Press this button when you want to see text messages. Press it again when you don't.
25 17 0 1 99 Clicking on the object shown in this window (if any) will give you the cursor for that object, allowing you to give it to something or someone, or just proudly display it.
19 17 0 1 99 Clicking this button brings up the "Feet" cursor. This cursor allows you to move around Roger's world.
I couldn't find a spoken version of "This button turns screen scrolling on or off." There's also a speech-only description of the Restart button -- which actually doesn't exist in the full game:
This button restarts the game.


Unused Touch and Look messages for the fish:

122 4 0 1 99 I don't think you really want to touch that scaly piece of marine life. Trust me on this one.
122 1 0 1 99 It's a fish. (You'd better remember to wash these pants after this sequel.)


The spoken versions of these Inventory Help messages are unused:

11 17 0 1 99 This turns on the inventory "Help," which is already turned on (which is why you're getting this message!).
6 17 0 1 99 Click here to bring up an arrow cursor. If you click the arrow on any of your inventory items, that item will become "active," ready to use.
20 17 0 1 99 This button scrolls your inventory window down (only when you have more than eight inventory items).
7 17 0 1 99 Click on this "Eye" button to bring up an "Eye" cursor, which you may then click on the inventory items to receive descriptions of them.
8 17 0 1 99 Click on this to bring up the inventory "Hand", which lets you turn on, turn off, open, close, or otherwise manipulate the inventory items.
10 17 0 1 99 Click here to return to active gameplay, rather than mucking about here in Inventory Help.
21 17 0 1 99
This marker shows your viewing position in relation to the entire size of the inventory window. Got that?
19 17 0 1 99 This button scrolls your inventory window up (only when you have more than eight inventory items).


The text for this unimplemented description of Roger's partially filled helmet appears in this script...

79 1 8 1 99 That's your helmet partly full of enzymes or whatever.

...but strangely, the description of the full helmet has no text equivalent.


The unused description of the Churlish moddie label:

121 1 0 1 99 It's the label you peeled from the churlish moddie.


The message that plays when you look at Nigel's personal grooming assistant is the same one that plays when you look at the hair removed from it. This is the message that should have played:

59 1 0 1 99 It's the Personal Grooming Assistant you got from Nigel.


Descriptions of four unused inventory items. The electromagnet and the nerve fibers have icons of their own (which are shown elsewhere on this page), and every item but the pen can be added to the player's inventory in SQ6's debug mode (although the rag uses the same graphic as the pump/hose combination, for some reason).

96 1 0 1 99 It's a marking pen.
112 1 0 1 99 It's an electromagnet you quite cleverly constructed from the nerve fiber bundles and paper clip.
111 1 0 1 99 That's a bundle of nerve fibers you borrowed from Stellar's innards.
86 1 0 1 99 It's a mere scrap of rag.


If you look at or touch any of the records you acquire while in Cyberspace (the original files, not the printouts), you get a closeup of that particular record. Looking at or touching this closeup will elicit a "Hmm. Looks like interesting reading" rseponse from Roger. However, there are unique descriptions of these files by the narrator:

92 1 0 1 99 It's the record on ICKY - Interstellar Council on Keeping Young.
89 1 0 1 99 This is the record on Nigel Rancid.
90 1 0 1 99 This one's the Project: Immortality record from the cyberspace file room.
88 1 0 1 99 This is Sharpei's record. Interesting stuff, indeed.
129 1 0 1 99 This is the file on Stellar. It looks like a fresh entry.


There's a description of Dr. Beleauxs' record as well, but there's no text for it:

It's Dr. Beleauxs' record, which you retrieved from cyberspace.


This file contains the text for the Cyberspace records. For the most part it's just text, but the very first line has a spoken equivalent (the "|c10|" stuff is formatting which translates to a different text color in the game):

7 1 0 1 99 Additional Cross Reference: |c10|Project: Immortality|c|


This Message file is a hodgepodge of random lines which aren't assigned to any particular room. A couple of these lines appear during The Renegade Credits, a couple of them appear to be global messages spoken by the narrator (e.g., "Good thinking!") and some of which are slight variants on lines that are used in the game (e.g., "Sorry, I'm not touching that and you can't make me." -- Roger says the same thing if you try touching the squashed rat in Singent's room, minus the "Sorry"). A few of these clips even appear in the WAVE folder on the SQ6 CD (which seems to be the only place you can hear them without delving into the game's resource.aud file).

0 0 9 1 99 Ahem. I said, AHEM!
0 0 10 1 99 Major bummer!
0 0 4 1 99 Thank you for playing Space Quest 6: Roger Wilco in the Spinal Frontier.
0 0 5 1 99 Thank you for purchasing Space Quest 6. You did purchase it, didn't you? Oh, of course you did. You sure couldn't be like one of those weasels who would make illegal copies. You're too cool for that.
0 0 7 1 99 Thank you for playing Space Quest 6. You've been a real hoot!
0 0 11 1 99 Oh, that was real cute!
0 0 19 1 1 I don't have anything that works in that.
0 0 15 1 1 No, on second thought, I don't think I should bug them.
0 0 14 1 1 Nah, I don't want to mess with that.
0 0 18 1 1 It's going to be hard to top this experience.
0 0 2 1 99 Hello, I'm Gary Owens and I'll be your narrator today.
0 0 13 1 99 That had to feel interesting.
0 0 20 1 1 I'll kick your ass!
0 0 17 1 1 I'm not gonna put my lips on that!
0 0 8 1 99 Hang on! Here we go!
0 0 12 1 99 So close, and yet so far away.


Two unused bits of narration from the outro:

0 0 6 1 99 Squeezing Stellar's pimple, Dr. Beleauxs forcibly extracts you.
0 0 6 2 99 Was that a good shot or what?!


More messages, some of which may or may not make an in-game appearance:

0 0 1 1 99 Space Quest 6: Roger Wilco and the Spinal Frontier.
0 0 16 1 1 Sorry, I'm not touching that and you can't make me.
0 4 0 1 99 Nice try!
0 4 0 2 99 Good thinking!
0 4 0 3 99 No, I don't think that'll work.
0 4 0 4 99 While that's an interesting idea, it won't help.
0 4 0 5 99 Interesting.
0 4 0 6 99 Good thinking!
0 1 0 1 99 Now, there's a novel instrument.
0 29 0 1 99 As Manuel told you, you can only use it from the area you transported to originally.


These seem to be Look and Talk messages for an alien that was supposed to appear in the arcade:

16 1 0 1 99 Wonder what's with the blue kid. You could have sworn you heard him say, "Are you my mommy?"
16 2 0 1 99 He seems to be oblivious to your presence, but then, who isn't to some degree?


This description of the ceiling doesn't appear in the game (you just get a description of the entire arcade if you look at the ceiling).

17 1 0 1 99 The ceiling area is loaded with lights, cables, and other crap. It sure looks neat. Too bad no one knows what any of it does.


A description of the arcade's door, probably discarded because the door isn't visible in the game.

18 1 0 1 99 That's the door back out to the street. A quick survey of the knob jockeys in this joint makes you think it might be a good thing to stay close to.


Touch and Look messages for a hotspot somewhere in the arcade.

15 4 0 1 99 Oh, yeah, you want a fingerload of that stuff. Think about it. Teenager-types come in here. Imagine where they've been. Imagine what interesting things they secrete. Yuck.
15 1 0 1 99 It's a bit dark down there. Believe me, it's just as well.


Touch, Look and Talk messages for one of the aliens in the arcade. Most likely, they belong to the humanoid with the "HELP ME!" tattoo standing beside the racing game, since the only responses you get when you try looking at/touching/talking to him are generic interaction messages.

21 4 0 1 99 That would be an ill-advised move, Roger. Believe me.
21 1 0 1 99 Yeow. It looks like some Village People DNA got loose somewhere.
21 2 0 1 35 On second thought, I think I'll just leave this guy alone. I've heard some really bad things about secondary smoke.
21 2 0 2 99 Yes, I'm sure it has nothing to do with your fear of becoming a two-dimensional floor decoration once he pounds you so hard you look like you were freeze-dried.


This is the exchange between Djurkwad and Roger after the latter beats the former at Stooge Fighter III. The last line is by the narrator, but it isn't played, even though it appears to be the next line in this sequence.

19 0 6 1 13 How lucky can a guy get? That was pure luck! Geez!
19 0 6 2 37 Where's my money?
19 0 6 3 13 Here.
19 0 6 4 13 Now if I were you, I'd make myself scarce, you little lump of phlegm. Otherwise I'm gonna lose my temper, and all that's gonna be left of you is teeth and toenails.
19 0 6 5 99 Realizing that he probably means what he says, you wisely make your way out of here.


Several of these messages (all of them associated with Djurkwhad) are unused. A couple of them seem to be alternate yes/no responses from Roger. I don't think I've ever heard Roger say anything but "Not now, thanks" when turning down Djurkwhad's invitation to a match, but I don't think I've ever heard him say "Let's rumble!"

19 0 15 1 1 I changed my mind. Maybe later.
19 0 13 1 99 So, do you want to play?
19 0 14 1 1 Let's rumble!
19 2 9 1 34 Gee, Mr. Djurkwhad, I don't think so right now. I'm feeling a little transporter lag. Maybe later.


More Djurkwhad messages. The second one seems to be a note made by a programmer (you can't play Stooge Fighter III alone until after Djurkwhad storms off).

2 2 5 13 Well, it's darn fine to meet you, Roger. So, what do ya' say to a friendly little round of Stooge Fighter 3?
19 2 8 1 35 Gosh, Mr. Djurkwhad. That, ah, that sounds neat.
19 2 15 1 34 Not now, thanks.


These Touch and Look messages for the walls of the hotel's upper hallway are unused:

8 4 0 1 99 Even though the idea of acquiring a souvenir swatch of the Dew Beam Inn excites you, you come to your senses and move on. (You didn't actually come to your senses. You just forgot what you were doing.)
8 1 0 1 99 The walls are covered with a thick carpet-like material, perhaps to drown out noise. What kind of noise might come from this place? That's something you'd be better off not thinking about.


This message fires if you try using Roger's room key in its corresponding slot after escaping Nigel and Singent's apartment. This isn't possible unless you're in the game's debug mode, since Roger never regains his keycard after he is kidnapped.

3 71 2 1 99 Uncool. This card has apparently expired. You never did get to see the room you paid for. Oh well, chances are you really didn't miss anything.


These are all Touch and Look messages for the photo booth on Polysorbate LX. However, the second and fourth messages seem like they are meant to appear sometime after Roger uses the booth. Since the photo booth never makes a reappearance after Roger uses it, this seems like an impossible scenario:

1 4 0 1 99 It's unmoved by your touch.
1 4 1 1 99 How much pain are you willing to subject yourself to? Weren't those first pictures bad enough? I know, what a dumb question. You've been doing it for years. Why change now?
1 1 0 1 99 It's one of those new Qodrac mobile photo booths. I heard they were beta-testing those.
1 1 1 1 99 It's just that strange photo booth again.


Unused Touch and Look descriptions for the carpet in the lobby of the Dew Beam Inn (looking at the carpet fires the "Nice place, if you're a fan of dives" message):

6 4 0 1 99 Yes, it's tough to fight the urge, but you're on vacation. Leave the threadbare, spew-strewn carpet alone.
6 1 0 1 99 Nice carpet. It's hard to decide which wear patterns are more intriguing -- those created by decades of feet and hoofs, or those created by the rodent population.


You get generic responses if you look at or touch the small, green brain in Fester Blatz's display case, but it does have messages of its own. The first two are Touch responses, the second two are Look responses.

14 4 0 1 99 You really have no need for one of those.
14 4 0 2 99 Well, actually, you might look into an upgrade sometime soon. You just don't need any of these right now. More important tasks await your attention.
14 1 0 1 20 Yep, it's the new Neebike Pump Brain(tm)! Only one on the planetoid -- uninstalled, that is. These babies are great when you've left the lab in a hurry and forgotten those darn cranial measurements. Stuff one of these in that cranial hatch, pump, pump, pump, pump, and wham! You're in business.
14 1 0 2 20 Oh, by the way, those aren't real webs in the case there -- why, I, uh ... forgot to take those down from the Halloween sale is all. Yeah. I wouldn't want you to think I was some slob running a cheesy joint here.


Unused Touch and Look messages for the blue brain in Fester Blatz's display case:

15 4 0 1 99 I'm sure you'd love to be able to play with it. You've always wanted to. That just isn't on the agenda this game, Roger.
15 1 0 1 20 That one there's a beaut. Has a dang airbag built right in. Great for when your beast's motorskills just aren't up to par.
15 1 0 2 20 Oh, they were designed during the days of warp drive testing. They didn't always pick clean courses to test run in them days and there would be an occasional warp speed asteroid strike which, of course, resulted in a seriously non-graceful, uh ... deceleration, you might say.


Unused Touch and Look messages for the rubber ducky in Singent's room. Oddly, these messages do appear in-game if you're in debug mode.

17 4 0 1 99 We wanted to give you the bird, but the censors wouldn't let us.
17 1 0 1 99 A bathtub toy sits on the floor. You find this very confusing in light of the fact that there's no olfactory evidence that your captor has ever taken a bath.


If you try to Touch Singent after zapping him and getting his keyring, you get a generic Touch response, even though there is a unique Touch message that would apply in this situation:

58 4 9 1 35 He doesn't look so tough now. Still, I have no urge to touch him.


It's not clear what would hypothetically trigger the first message in this next excerpt, but the third message seems to hint at there being some kind of problem with the keycard reader that opens the door used to unlock the door between Singent and Nigel's rooms, which never happens in the final game (interesting how it's described as a keypad, even though it's clearly just a card reader).

Also, the fourth message looks as if it's meant to fire if you use the keyring on the keycard reader while Roger is sitting at Singent's desk, but the narrator doesn't make any comment like this in the game -- Roger just stands up and walks over to the keycard reader.

0 0 6 1 99 So much for the keyring.
23 4 0 1 99 It's apparently programmed to be locked, perhaps to prevent unauthorized entry.
23 4 5 1 99 It is non-functional. I'll bet you're really bummed about that.
23 87 7 1 99 If you'd get up off your lazy, er, posterior, perhaps you could perform that act.
23 1 0 1 99 This keypad undoubtedly controls the doorway.


Touching or looking at the stains on the wall of the upper floor of Orion's Belt results in the same responses that looking at the rest of the room gives you, but there are unique messages for them:

23 4 0 1 99 Leave the dried vomit alone, Roger.
23 1 0 1 99 Nice. It looks like a remnant of when they held the Projectile Vomiting Championships here.


The number 26 in the Verb column usually denotes a generic "you can't use that inventory item there" response, but the second message in this excerpt never plays if you try using an inventory item on the flaming barrel outside Orion's Belt.

3 4 0 1 99 The barrel's a little too hot to mess with. Even you know better than that.
3 26 0 1 99 Haven't we taught you not to play with fire? Well, except for that one time in Space Quest 2, but that was very necessary.
3 1 0 1 99 The flaming barrels remind you of the good old days, kicking back in the sandy outback of Kerona, roasting grellburgers over a lit rocket nozzle. Life was so simple then, but then, so are you. Apparently, SOME things don't change.


These messages are all associated with the traffic signal outside Orion's Belt, but it's not clear what triggers the first one (the second and third ones are Touch and Look messages, which do appear in-game). It seems almost as if that message could be associated with the traffic signal blasting a ship that didn't stop when the light was red, or something similar.

5 0 1 1 99 YIKES!! No wonder there isn't much traffic! The traffic law violator recidivism rate must be zilch here. On the negative side, it seems like this approach would severely hinder the ability of a municipality to generate traffic fine revenue.
5 4 0 1 99 Real cute. Climb the pole and switch the signs. How juvenile. But then again, we're talking about you. Nonetheless, forget it. There's almost no traffic to confuse anyway.
5 1 0 1 99 A mechanical traffic light diligently maintains control over the nearly nonexistent traffic in the area.


These lines are associated with Dorff, and seem as if they are triggered by talking to him while Roger is imprisoned. However, I've never gotten this exchange to appear at any point during that sequence (if you try talking to Dorff while Roger is imprisoned, the game responds as if you clicked on whatever hotspot Dorff was in front of, like the cell wall).

20 2 3 1 19 What are you doing there, Prisoner Wilco?
20 2 3 2 34 It's a consumption ritual my, uh, babysitter taught me.
20 2 3 3 35 Yeah, that's it.
20 2 3 4 19 Oh, very well. Carry on.


These Touch, Look and Talk messages for the trash can in Roger's quarters weren't assigned to it:

35 4 0 1 99 You have nothing you need to throw out right now.
35 1 0 1 99 Some of the Empire's old R2-D2 units were recycled into convenient trash receptacles.
35 2 0 1 99 Stop talking trash!

These messages have the same Noun number as the rest of the dialog that plays during Stellar's funeral, and appear they right after Roger's eulogy.

19 0 5 1 99 Crewmen begin to dig a hole in the presumably holographic terrain.
19 0 5 2 99 Wait a second. Something seems wrong about that.
19 0 5 3 26 Ashes to ashes, dust to duaaaaaaaahhh...


You get a generic Look message if you look at Sidney's detatched arm before Roger picks it up, even though this message exists:

32 1 0 1 1 I guess I should pick up Sydney's arm before someone hurls and I end up having to clean it up.


These are the talk messages associated with the F9 support tower in the Deepship 86's shuttlebay. Only the first line (spoken by Roger) fires when you try talking to the tower. The other two look as if they were meant to be fired after the first one, but they are't. The missing 2 in the sequence must have been the support tower's "response" to Roger.

16 2 0 1 1 Hey, support tower F9!
16 2 0 3 99 That takes you by surprise for a moment, 'til you realize it didn't really say anything at all ...
16 2 0 4 99 ... the third shuttle on the right is a ventriloquist.


The "Time Passes" titles that appear while Roger is waiting for help outside the shuttle all have narration. The last line looks like a death-related bit of narration which may or may not be associated with the "connect the cables to the wrong poles" death on this screen.

0 0 9 1 99 Time Passes ...
0 0 9 2 99 More time passes ...
0 0 9 3 99 Even more time passes ...
0 0 5 1 99 Ooops! It looks like you should have waited just a bit longer before hooking these up. Everyone knows that hooking them up too soon always causes a major phlange phase shift overload.


These lines are associated with Wriggley (the woman who stops to help Roger restart the shuttle's engines). The second message looks like it's supposed to play if you try talking to her, but I've never gotten it to play. The second-to-last line looks as if it's supposed to fire if you touch her, but strangely, though it looks as if the narrator is supposed to say it, Roger is the one who says it.

4 4 0 1 1 No time for that. Besides, you've got enough to deal with in the relationship zone as it is.
4 2 0 1 1 I sure do appreciate you stopping and helping out.


An unused line from the script for the shuttle's cockpit:

0 0 25 1 1 Well, that was pretty darn gross! Now, where am I? I guess I'm supposed to be on Stellar's stomach based on what Doctor Beleaux said.


Everything about this line makes it seem like it should appear if you look out the shuttle's viewscreen while it is in space and Roger is seated in the cockpit. However, I always get a description of the cockpit when I try doing that:

64 1 0 1 1 Wow, look at all the pretty stars.


This is the only line in 495.msg, which, as far as I know, doesn't appear in the final game. Oddly, the screen with the same number as this script is the front view of Roger in the pilot's seat. The lines for the exchange between him and the autopilot are all in 490.msg.

0 0 1 1 99 Hang on! I think we're going in!


This message might be associated with Beleauxs' computer. I have no idea if it can be triggered in-game:

0 0 16 1 99 Utterly and totally bored with the incredibly slow on-line service, you wisely click it away.


All these messages except the third one appear when you try touching and talking to Dr. Beleauxs' computer monitor (when the closeup of it isn't active). If you Look at it, you get the same message you get when you try looking at it when its closeup view is active.

29 4 0 1 99 There are no controls on this monitor. It operates with an Optical Retinal Feedback FT, which allows it to constantly monitor your eyes and adjust itself automatically for contrast, brightness, hue, tint, and convergence.
29 4 0 2 99 And it's got works-in-a-drawer for easy on-site service!
29 1 0 1 99 On Dr. Beleauxs' monitor, you see the familiar opening screen of "Plodigy, the World's Most Leisurely Bulletin Board." (Yeah, right.)
29 2 0 1 99 Sorry, this computer uses a primitive manual interface.


Unused narration from Lab A:

0 0 11 1 99 Dr. Beleauxs explains in exacting detail precisely what you'll need to do. For Stellar's sake, you'd better pay attention!
0 0 11 2 99 The Doctor explains that he has a plan. He wants you to pull the shuttle into Lab B.


Unused narration from after Dr. Beleauxs "extracts" Roger that recycles a similar joke from the scene where Roger is shrunk.

0 0 12 1 99 Dr. Beleauxs is fortunately able to return you to your original size. (You wonder if he can make any parts bigger.)


Alternate versions of Roger's conversation with Dr. Beleauxs (and no, I didn't make a mistake -- that really is the way that fourth line is printed).

0 0 15 1 99 Overwhelmed by the evidence you have confronted him with, the Doctor spills the beans.
0 0 21 1 4 Once you have finished loading the tracking software into your navigational computer, I will shrink your shuttle, with you in it, down to nanite scale.
0 0 21 2 4 I will then introduce the shuttle into a liquid which will serve as a vehicle for your injection into Stellar's bloodstream.
39 0 6 1 37 Is their any hope? What can we do?
39 0 6 2 4 I don't know. Let me think.
39 0 6 3 4 Why, I believe I have a plan that will work, Wilco. Pull your shuttle around to Lab B. You're going to get to know Stellar much more closely than you ever imagined.


These messages appear to be associated with Sharpei's bed. The 1's in the Verb column make it seem as if they would fire if you looked at the bed, but they never do.

32 1 4 1 99 The CrapMatic HydroRiser Adjustable cradles the incredibly old-looking Sharpei.
32 1 4 2 43 (ROGER'S MIND) Geez, she's old-looking. I mean OLD-looking. Her face looks like an aerial map of a primitive irrigation project. You have the urge to grab a pen a draw topographic lines around it just for fun.
32 1 4 3 43 There's this one "Grand Canyon" kind of area where erosion in the skin folds may reveal dermal layers indicating this person's age in epochs. Geologists and Dermatologists alike would compete viciously for the opportunity to explore this Lost Dutchman Mine of faces.
32 1 4 4 43 Lodged in those imperceptibly deep folds is material that could be carbon-14 dated, perhaps holding keys to the very creation of the universe itself. Oh, yeah, this is Space Quest. Let's just say she's old.


Unused narration for Roger's escape from Sharpei's quarters, which paints a slightly different scene than the one we are treated to in the final game:

2 4 13 1 99 You are able to budge it only a couple of more inches -- not enough to slip through, though. Must have been that depression-induced eating binge you went on after being demoted.
2 4 13 2 99 All of a sudden behind you, Stellar beams into the room and helps pull the door!
2 4 13 3 25 ROGER, PULL HARDER!
2 4 13 4 99 You've heard that sentence before, but with a different verb.
2 4 13 5 99 The door grudgingly opens a few inches. Just as it does, Stellar gives you a big push from behind, knocking you into the turboshaft just as the door slams shut -- for what seems to be for the final time. Unfortunately, Stellar's still on the inside!
2 4 15 1 99 You know, if you do what Sharpei asks, we might all get out of here a lot more quickly.
2 129 0 1 99 Good thinking! Wedged in the door, the manual override control causes the piston to strain against the door.
2 129 0 2 99 It pushes a few inches and seems to strain at that point.
2 129 0 3 99 Wow! Suddenly you see another pair of hands.


Messages for Noun 46, which seems to be Stellar's hand (from the previous, unimplemented scene). The first one (Touch) seems to trigger a change to the Turboshaft, while the second is a Look message.

46 1 0 1 99 It's Stellar's hand! You're wasting time!


Two Look messages for two of the corpses in the waiting room. Nouns 6 and 4 correspond to the two corpses that are in the waiting room in the game, so it seems like the Noun 14 and 5 messages were originally assigned to two different corpses.

14 1 0 1 99 Either somebody sneezed in a major way or this constitutes the remains of someone in the virtual waiting room.
Virtual death seems as real as the real thing.

6 4 0 1 99 I wouldn't touch him if I were you.
6 1 0 1 99 Looks like a programmer just prior to shipping.
4 4 0 1 99 But he might fall apart. And the smell really isn't worth the cool visual, believe me!
4 1 0 1 99 It looks like some poor slob actually waited for his number to be called -- and died for his troubles.
5 1 0 1 99 Guess this guy never quite recovered from KQ7. He's getting a bit moldy.


Unused narration from the outro:

1 1 0 1 99 You've arrived at the nose!
1 1 0 2 99 There are pores all over this area, but one looks to be a bit dome-shaped and somewhat transluscent.
2 1 0 1 99 It looks like it might be a zit on Stellar's nose.
2 1 0 2 99 I can't believe you make me say some of this. I'm a professional, darn it!


Unused narration from the stomach:

0 0 2 1 99 Cool! The acid rose to dissolve that twinkoid, and took out the nanites at the same time! They're down the digestive tract, partially or wholly dissolved by now.


These messages seem to be associated with the upper part of the stomach:

4 0 1 1 99 I've got to admit, it's interesting the way you manage to accomplish some things.
4 0 1 2 99 I mean, I thought this gig was up sequels ago.
4 0 1 3 1 Yeah, thanks for the vote of confidence.
4 0 1 4 99 No, really, I thought you'd bite the big one games ago. Even cost me a few buckazoids down at the Game Narrator's Guild.
4 0 1 5 1 OKAY! I heard you!
4 0 1 6 1 You know, there are other narrators who wouldn't mind hooking up with this series.
4 0 1 7 99 Touchy, huh? Anyway, I've got a contract. If I were you I'd get back to playing Joe Space Hero so both our checks will cash.


Unimplemented touch and look messages for the larynx (you get the generic "Haven't you ever seen an esophagus before?" message if you look at it in the game, but if the pill is there, you get a description of the pill instead).

6 4 0 1 99 This is no time for chamber music. We have adventuring to do.
6 1 0 1 99 I don't know why, but the larynx has always given me the creeps!
6 1 0 2 99 There's something stuck in between two of the chords.


The epiglottis doesn't seem to have any messages of its own that appear in the game, even though it does have them:

3 4 0 1 99 You may think that's a very funny thing to do, but remember that you have to save Stellar's life. You aren't here to play touch-and-giggle with her innards.
3 1 0 1 99 That's the epiglottis. It's sort of a traffic manager for the lungs and stomach.


The first message is a Touch message associated with the piece of Twinkoid lodged in Stellar's esophagus, but I've never heard it play when I try touching it in the game; Roger just tries jumping on it:

4 4 0 1 99 Good idea. Unfortunately, that doesn't work. You don't have the weight to unwedge that chunk of empty calories.


This file contains the text for all the death messages. Several of the lines don't appear in the game, while others seem to be alternate versions of death messages that are used. (Also, the text for the Restore and Try Again buttons inexplicably has narration.)

1 0 0 1 21 Restore
1 0 0 2 21 Try Again
3 0 0 1 99 Couldn't you just die ... horribly?
3 0 0 2 99 Come into the light, Carol Ann!
3 0 0 5 99 Ahh, the Laws of Cartoon Thermodynamics. Boy, that had to feel interesting -- for a split-second, at least.
3 0 0 7 99 Well, it could've been worse. He did come from the groin region, after all! Ouch!
3 0 0 9 99 Roger, Roger, Roger. What're we gonna do with you?
3 0 0 10 99 So that's how you're gonna play it, huh?
3 0 0 11 99 Perhaps you would have preferred to learn what the word "churlish" meant in a more conventional manner?
3 0 0 14 99 I'm sure you must've known better than to do that. We'd like to think you did that just to see how cool it looked.
3 0 0 15 99 I'm sure he's most grateful that you supplied him with his Recommended Daily Requirement of carbon-based nutrition.
3 0 0 23 99 You've got to respect this guy. At least when he kills, he uses all the parts. Unfortunately, they're ... Oh well, that's life, er, I mean, that's death.
3 0 0 27 99 Oh great! Like that's going to help Stellar. You're so selfish!
2 0 0 2 99 Common sense? What's that?
There's also a second spoken version of the "Roger, Roger, Roger. What're we gonna do with you?" line.

There are several alternate takes of the narrator's "worm" lines:
So you like the worm, eh? (1, 2)
You like to ride the worm, eh?
I let you ride the worm! (1, 2, 3, 4)


The first message plays when you're in Stellar's gallbladder and try using the pump after collecting some bile. I have no idea what (if anything) triggers the other two.

0 0 0 1 99 You already have plenty of that -- or did you want to take some back to Mom?
0 1 0 1 99 There's just no telling what interesting nuggets are going to roll from that orb comfortably containing your version of a brain. All of a sudden you're Mr. Anatomy. Go figure. Well, good luck. Unfortunately, we're stuck with you to get us out of this.
0 1 0 2 44 I'm feeling a bit queasy. Is that my life I see flashing before my eyes?


While I was playing through SQ6 to see whether any of these messages I've been noticing can be triggered in the game, I got an error message on the first brain screen when I tried looking at the hole in the meninges right after cutting a hole through it. I got a window which read:

Followed by the text "Message not found" appearing in the dialogue window.

Looking at the Message file for this room made me realize why this error message might have appeared:

3 4 0 1 99 It's pretty tough; it manages to resist your manly efforts.
3 1 0 1 99 This is the meninges. It's a three-layer cover for the brain. Check out the cool blood vessels.
3 88 1 1 99 You slice away with the nail and, amazingly enough, manage to cut a slice in the barrier!
3 88 8 1 99 Tattered remnants of your incursion into the brain mark the spot you entered through.

These are messages associated with the meninges. Verb number 88 represents the fingernail inventory item, and even though the last message seems to be a Look message, it has Verb 88 associated with it rather than Verb 1 (Look). The "740: 3, 1, 8, 1 not found" in the error message makes it look like the game was trying to display this last message, but since the Verb number wasn't the one associated with the Look action, it couldn't do it.


These messages seem to be associated with the hole Roger creates in the meninges, but they never appear in the game.

2 4 1 1 99 You attempt to shinny on down through the hole.
2 4 1 2 1 Geez, this feels weird. It's one time I'm absolutely certain I know I'm on Stellar's mind.
2 88 1 1 99 It's big enough. You don't want to cut more than you need to.


An unused bit of narration associated with the nanites guarding the brain shaft.

7 0 5 1 99 Why, it appears they're going to rumble. Very clever of you.


The first and last lines in this excerpt don't make an in-game appearance:

0 0 8 1 1 Wow! Talk about brain dead. That thing was most gruesome!
0 0 6 1 28 Fish! That's brain food!
0 0 6 2 28 (MOANING IN AGONY AS SHE DIES) Ahhhhhhhh!
0 0 6 3 1 All right! She actually chowed down on that rancid fish!
0 0 6 4 1 Well, that ought to give her some gastric distress.


None of these lines from the final confrontation with Sharpei are unused, but the notes in parentheses hint at a scene that was slightly different than the one that ended up in the game:

12 0 0 1 99 Wow! That was actually a great idea! Go figure.
12 0 0 2 1 Yeah, I kicked her butt. Just look at me. MacGyver wishes he could be me.
12 0 0 3 1 (GETTING COCKY) It was bound to happen. The never-ending battle between good and evil was once again waged. And once again good has emerged victorious.
12 0 0 4 1 Yes, and with me on its side, how could it lose?
12 0 0 5 1 Yes, once again I have struck a blow for good over evil. It was ineviii ... (SHARPEI LIFTS HIM WITH A TENTACLE)
12 0 0 6 1 Ahhh! What? But I thought I took care of you!
12 0 0 7 28 Well, it appears you thought wrong, now doesn't it, Roger?


One more unused line from the final confrontation:

2 1 0 1 1 My, she has a different look now. I don't know which I like better!


Unimplemented Touch, Look and Talk messages for the Mister Soylent's overhead light:

15 4 0 1 1 Ouch!
15 4 0 2 99 That was a bright idea.
15 1 0 1 99 The light releases photons that travel through the air, bounce off the surface of an object, shoot through the lenses of your eyes, and focus on your retinas to form an image. The brain interprets this image and attempts to form it into a cohesive pattern, which it then attempts to recognize through a complex memory matching process.
15 1 0 2 99 Some objects absorb certain light frequencies and reflect others. When a particular frequency is reflected from the surface of an object, we see that object as having a property which we call "color."
15 1 0 3 99 This explanation is referred to as "overkill."
15 2 0 1 99 Even you are not lamebrained enough to talk to a light.
15 2 0 2 99 Or so we thought, until now.


Unused narration for when the Divalium chip is removed from the Datacorder:

9 4 0 1 99 You carefully lift the Divalium chip out of the stasis circuit board. Hope you know what you're doing, Bucko! The Datacorder\05 won't work without it!

Alternate takes of pieces of Admiral Toolman's speech from the intro, with a very different (and much less intimidating) voice:
And consorting with a female of higher rank.
However...Due to your successful return of the SCS Eureka, your rescue of the Goliath's crew, and the fact that nobody gets rid of stubborn mildew stains and black heel marks as well as you do, we are returning you to your former post with StarCon Fleet.
You are hereby ordered to resume your duties immediately as Janitor Second Class on board ...
... the SCS DeepShip 86!


There's no text for this message, but its placement in the files for Singent's room seems like it might be the result of using a moddie on the port on Singent's head. This is impossible, since Roger won't take the Burlesque moddie before zapping Singent (and acquiring either moddie before that happens by using debug mode just results in a generic "you can't use that here" message if one of them is used on Singent's port):

That was very interesting! Apparently those moddies DO work.


I didn't realize this line was an outtake at first because of how professionally it's delivered. (It's from the speech files associated with Singent's room.)

Or maybe that should read: There is a massive door leading into the next room.


Slightly different versions of the messages that play if you use the glue-covered Divalium crystal on the crystal that powers the shuttle without putting glue on the latter. Notice how the narrator says "He's had to repair a lot of stuff he's broken in his time" instead of "You've had to repair a lot of stuff you've broken in your time", as he does in the game:

I guess the Divalium crystal won't work in this form. Fortunately, I have vast experience in the re-forming of broken items.
It's no wonder. He's had to repair a lot of stuff he's broken in his time. The word "clod" comes to mind.


A very different version of Dorff's "Woah, I see you have a visitor!" line.


An alternate take of Comander Kielbasa telling Roger about his assignment (notice how he mistakenly says "Delta Burksilon IV" instead of "Delta Burksilon V").


There is no text for this description of a pen lying on the ground outside the Cyberspace office:

A pen lies on the ground, probably discarded by the malcontent who scribbled on the sign.

There's also this audio-only line, which also may have been a Mouth message that was associated with the pen:

Remembering your Momma, you sneer and wonder if she'll catch you this time with a crayon in your mouth.


No text for this line, but it seems as if it was supposed to follow the "You can't budge it" response you get when you touch the Buckazoid in Stellar's appendix:

Buckazoid! Budget! Ha-ha, there must be a joke in there somewhere...


A much less composed version of Roger's comment after he attempts to escape from Sharpei in the endgame. If you listen carefully, you can hear other voices in the background.


These two clips (from resource.sfx) are lines from Stooge Fighter III that haven't been processed to give them that retro arcade sound:

Untainted victory!
Unblemished vic-...oh.

View 955: Most of the game's inventory graphics are found near the end of the files in the Views folder, but these graphics are closer to the middle, sandwiched between most of the game's icon/cursor/button graphics. Note the red (rather than green) cursors and the smaller versions of the icons (perhaps these were going to be what the inventory cursors looked like at one point?).


Ice cube tray:

Sydney's eye:

Morphin with a different graphic?

Coldsorian Brandy:

Divalium crystal (different graphic!):


View 5995: Even though you start out the game with just one Buckazoid, it is represented by a graphic of a heaping pile of Buckazoids in your inventory...even though there is an inventory graphic of a single Buckazoid in the game's files!


View 463: A cell from Stellar's message to Roger. It looks like she was supposed to turn to the right just before her message was interrupted (which would have added to the drama of the thing).


View 922: This is the animation for when Larry dies by opening the door to the pool (or jumps into the pool with his clothes on) in Leisure Suit Larry 6!


Views 492, 498, 4921, 4920 (2 loops), 4991: The first frames of the various animations of Roger diddling with the shuttle's controls have been labeled for your convenience (as well as the programmers', I expect). The words are apparently hidden by the back of Roger's seat in the game.


View 4380: Roger picking up Sidney's arm while standing up.
He automatically picks the arm while sitting with Sidney in the game.
EDIT (12-8-13): My mistake -- Roger doesn't automatically pick up the arm, and it he picks it up regardless of whether he's sitting or not. Chalk this up to a flaky memory.


View 9568: Looks like the handcuffs Roger had to free himself from were an inventory item at one point. The mind boggles with the possibilities...


Views 9646-9647: The bundle of nerves (whose coloring makes them look oddly tasty) was also an inventory item at one point, as was the nerves/paperclip electromagnet.


View 562: An animation of Roger pulling the rag off of the sawhorse outside the Cyberspace office. Oddly, though this animation plus a description of the rag exist, there is no graphic of the rag as an inventory item (that I know of yet). (Added 9-18-09)


View 727: This animation shows Roger trying to pick up the pump and accidentally knocking it into the pool of bile. You'd think that touching the pump after collecting some of the bile would trigger this, but all I've ever gotten is a "You've already got plenty of that stuff...or did you want to take some home to Mom?" comment from the narrator. (added 12-8-13)


View 5180: Dr. Beleauxs' computer monitor displaying the Plodigy welcome screen. I don't think I've ever seen this show up.


View 7701: A closeup of the numbered card from the Cyberspace office being held by Roger. (Added 9-18-09)


View 110, Pic 110: An alternate title screen for the game, complete with the tagline. There's a bit of animation on this screen, and I tried to recreate its look here. (Added 11-20-13)

(This graphic also appears as a desktop background in the BITMAP folder on the SQ6 CD.)


View 443: Neither Magnum Opus nor Chesbro have any dialogue in the game (the narrator actually comes right out and informs you that Magnum doesn't talk if you attempt conversing with him), yet they both have talking animations. (Magnum's head is probably detached from his body so that his animation wouldn't take up as much space.)

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Space Quest 6 Demo (talkie):

About 2/5ths of the SQ6 demo's resource.aud file is audio from the final game! It's mostly dialogue from the Datacorder and Stellar's body, there's no text for any of the lines, and for the most part, the clips are exactly the same as they are in the full game's resource.aud file, with one or two notable exceptions.

Alternate narration for when Roger throws a gallstone at the nanites:

You decide to take a chance and heave one of these cool-looking gallstones at one of the nanites.
You decide to chuck another one over.

The narrator reads one of Roger's lines (I still haven't figured out whether this line actually appears in the final game):

I'm feeling a bit queasy. Is that my life I see flashing before my eyes?

A message that sounds similar to one of the (unused?) death messages mentioned earlier on this page:

That's how you're gonna play it, huh?

The narrator reads one of Sharpei's lines!

Wilco! I haven't survived this long without taking precautions. The robot was just hardware. My mind still exists!


There is no text for this comment made by Roger inside the shuttle. It even appears in the sound files of the full game:
If we're really so desperate for help as to want to chat with an empty apartment, try talking to the poster in my quarters. That'll prove that you're completely off the deep end...and it'll help you out.


Another speech clip with no text equivalent. This one is from the inventory messages:
Yes indeed...he's Bjorn to be wild!


Roger's brief list of things which make the ClapMaster turn the lights on and off has one extra entry which isn't used (speech only, no text):
Or when the Klungon in the quarter next door clips a toenail.


A very brief outtake from the messages associated with the bridge.


Like the full game, the animation for Larry's pool death in Leisure Suit Larry 6 is in the Views folder (View 922), as well as the death animation that plays when the liposuction machine explodes (View 921), and even the frame for the death GUI (View 920).



The demo also has unused narration for its various Help messages. However, this one isn't found in the full game (partly because the full game doesn't have a Restart button like the demo does):

10 17 0 1 99 Careful! This control makes the game start all the way over from the beginning.



Unused narration for the only death in the demo:

39 4 0 1 99 With all the naive charm of a person who's never figured out the relationship between electricity and flesh, you grab for the ClapMaster's\05 wayward prong.



This file includes lines were Roger narrates his own death message!

3 0 0 1 1 Ah geez. I guess one must be careful about where one lets one's digits probe.
2 0 0 1 1 Ooooooo, that's a pain that's gonna linger!

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Other Space Quest 6 Demos:

Alistair (creator of Sierra Music Central) informed me of two other demos of Space Quest 6: One which is a non-interactive demo, and one which is an alternate version of the talkie, only without speech. Both demos contain behind-the-scenes material that the talkie and the full game don't have. (added 12-23-19)

Non-interactive Demo:


In the help messages associated with the restart button:

10 0 0 1 99 xxx Space Quest Six does not support this outdated feature that nobody used anyway!
10 0 0 2 99 xxx Oh yeah! Deal with it.



Descriptions of several unused inventory items are listed here:

95 1 0 1 99 xxx Empty bedpan.
94 1 0 1 99 xxx Bedpan full of roses.
96 1 0 1 99 xxx Magic marker.
86 1 0 1 99 xxx Rag.
114 1 0 1 99 xxx Spitcup empty.
113 1 0 1 99 xxx Spitcup full.



Roger attempts to talk with one of the robots of Polysorbate LX while he is stuck in the street:

3 2 1 1 1 Yo, my metallurgically mutated friend. What do you say you lend a humanoid a hand or whatever it is you call those things dangling at the end of you upper appendages?


View 951:

A slightly different icon bar than the one used in the game. "Walk" is used instead of "Feet", "Loot" is used instead of "Pockets", and a few more details appear next to the points counter -- maybe they were indicators for how the walking speed, volume, etc. were set?


Pic 5:

While this image is used in the non-playable demo, I thought I'd feature it here since a couple of characters appear here that don't show up anywhere else, as well as a full-sized version of the Orion's Belt bouncer.


Script 15:

This script includes a list of all the inventory items used in the final game, as well as a few additional ones. Interestingly, Script 15 in the full release of Space Quest 6 includes a list like this, but only Burlesque Moddie 1, Burlesque Moddie 4, Ch Label and Churlish Moddie 1 are on it:

lofsa Bedpan Empty
lofsa Bedpan Roses
lofsa Burlesque Moddie 1
lofsa Burlesque Moddie 2
lofsa Burlesque Moddie 3
lofsa Burlesque Moddie 4
lofsa Ch Label
lofsa Churlish Moddie 1
lofsa Churlish Moddie 2
lofsa Churlish Moddie 3
lofsa Churlish Moddie 4
The handcuffs were mentioned earlier on this page, and the "Ish Label" item isn't in Script 15 in the full release. This, combined with the other missing moddie elements mentioned earlier, makes me suspect that the moddie label puzzle originally had a couple more steps, and involved pasting over the beginning and the end of the "Burlesque" label with the "Ch" and the "ish" from the "Churlish" label.
lofsa Hand Cuffs
lofsa Ish Label
More unused inventory items, some of which have been mentioned earlier on this page:
lofsa Magic Marker
lofsa Magnet
lofsa Spitcup Empty
lofsa Spitcup Full
lofsa Rag

Speechless Interactive Demo:

The main difference between this demoo and the much more widely-known demo is that this version doesn't include voice acting. However, it also includes a number of lines that the version with voice-acting (e.g., the "talkie" version) doesn't have. It even includes punchlines to jokes that the talkie version only has the setups for, and a number of lines that Roger has in the talkie were read by the narrator in the non-talkie (which would explain why Roger is so chatty and eloquent in much of the demo).

Here's a selection of lines that appear in both the talkie and the non-talkie demos, with colored text showing the differences between them (red=talkie, blue=non-talkie, both=black).

Narrator: You've successfully taken the Sorbet BioConverter belt from the Bjorn invader, and he's going to go WILD when he realizes you've got it!
Roger: Yes indeed, he's Bjorn to be wild!
Oddly, only the non-talkie includes the first line, but even though the second line exists in the talkie's resource files, neither line is used in that version.

Narrator | Roger: You try sticking your pinky through the little hole. It doesn't fit, but it leaves a neat circular impression -- rather like a small blister -- on the tip of the your pinky. | It doesn't fit. But it leaves a neat circular impression -- rather like a small blister -- on the tip of my pinky.
Narrator: This reminds you of a great little magic trick. You take a key with a round keyring hole and put it in your pocket. At a party where people are smoking, you put your hand in your pocket and press your index finger hard against the hole for ten seconds or so. Then borrow a lit cigarette and pretend to press the glowing tip against your prepared index finger.
Narrator: Blow on your index finger as if to cool it slightly, and proudly show everybody the "blister" you just gave yourself. Aren't you a stud!

Roger: Somebody provided a power socket here. How thoughtful! How convenient!
Narrator: How superfluous!

Roger: Attention, litterbox! This is Roger Wilco, do you read me?
Narrator: Don't waste your time talking to that crap!

Narrator | Roger: You'd best keep your hands off of him unless you want him assimilating you. | Maybe that's not a good idea. He might want to assimilate me.
Narrator: (And you know what they say: "Never assimilate anything, it makes an ass out of I and milate.")

Roger: Hey, why aren't you a copy of "Arthur's Teacher Trouble?"
Narrator: It doesn't reply.
Narrator: Apparently it's not a talking book!
(This joke is alluding to a series of interactive picture books produced in the mid-90s ["Arthur's Teacher Trouble" being one featured title]. However, the name of this series was Living Books, not Talking Books. There's no unique response when you talk to the book in the talkie, ironically.)

Narrator: Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray!
Narrator: (That's two chairs for Roger.)
(There's no unique response when you talk to the chairs in the talkie.)

Narrator: It's a discarded cigar stub from the Galaxy Galleria in Space Quest 4!
Narrator: Isn't it just like you to save your own butt?

Roger: Hey, you're a pretty lousy dresser.
Narrator: Same to you!

Narrator: This lovely kryptonite mood lamp casts a cool glow over the room.
Narrator: (Strangely, ever since you turned it on, your Janitorial powers seem weaker when you get up in the morning.)

Narrator: Conversing with the hintbook is a sign of multidimensional dementia.
Narrator: Although we hate dimension it.

Narrator: It's speechless. Just like this demo.
(You get this message if you talk to the power socket that Roger's ClapMaster is plugged into.)

Narrator: With all the naive charm of a person who's never figured out the relationship between electricity and flesh, you grab for the ClapMaster's wayward prong.
(Although this line exists in the resource files of the talkie, it's never used in the actual game.)

Narrator: Hey, it's the PocketPal terminal you filched from an abandoned landspeeder on Xenon during Space Quest 4!
Narrator: It was your rendezvous with ROM!
(Clever parody of Arthur C. Clark's Rendezvous with Rama here.)

Roger: What should I do? Tell me, what should I do?
Narrator: You beseechingly ask your favorite band how to handle the current crisis.
Narrator: It hits you like a bolt from the blue. You should go to the shuttle bay, open the glove compartment, and take the duct tape and the pliers. Wrap the pliers with the tape. Come back to this room and take the pin out of the socket with the pliers. Take the ClapMaster off the dresser and put the pin in it to fix it.
Narrator: Then go to 8-Rear and get some Bjorn Chow at the Food Replicator. (To do that, consult the ComPost's Database section and look up "Bjorn" in the Entity Database section.) Go to the bridge and plug in the fixed ClapMaster. Put the Bjorn Chow on Kielbasa's command center, and when the Head Bjorn goes to eat it, plug the ClapMaster into the Bjorn.
Narrator: Of course! It seems so simple, now that the little voice in your head has explained it all!
(Not every day you see a game contain a complete walkthrough like this.)

Roger: Hey, model rocket!
Narrator: The rocket doesn't respond. That's what you get for ordering the base model.

Roger: Now hear this! I am the Captain, and you are all squat! Nyah-ha-ha!
Narrator: Your voice rings hollowly through the empty lounge, and rings just as falsely through your soul...
Narrator: you recall the fateful day you were stripped of your command in the wake of the events surrounding the SCS Goliath and Captain Quirk.
Narrator: But you'll have to wait for the full Space Quest Six game to relive that scene.

Roger: Hey, support tower F9!
Narrator: The tower responds with a hearty, "Hello, Roger!"
Narrator: That takes you by surprise for a moment, 'til you realize it didn't really say anything at all...
Narrator: The third shuttle on the right is a ventriloquist.
(Even though the last two lines exist in the talkie's resource files, only the first line is used.)

Roger: Hello.
Narrator: hello...hello...hellooo...
Narrator: Oh, no! It sounds like the mating call of the Sirian Echo Beast!
(You get this message if you talk to the background of the shuttle bay.)

Roger: Is there anyone in there that won't eat me alive if I come in?
Narrator: From inside, you hear a muffled, "Nope!"
Narrator: If this were the CD version, we wouldn't have had to describe it to you in third-person.
(Ironically, the second line is identical in both the talkie and non-talkie versions.)

Narrator | Roger: This is the Shuttle cockpit. In the real game, you will sit here. You will be smart. You will make it go. You will make things work. | In the real game, I will sit here. I will be smart. I will make it go. I will make things work.

Narrator: This is the Shuttle Hatch. It leads back out into the Shuttle Bay.
Narrator: In the real game, it also leads to many other locations too bizarre to mention.
Narrator: (And too early to mention, since we haven't figured them all out yet.)

Narrator|Roger: This is self-adhesive tape, it doesn't require licking. | It's self-adhesive. I don't really need to lick it.
Narrator: But you give it a quick lick anyway, 'cuz you like the minty flavor.
Narrator: You then spend fifteen minutes trying to remove your tongue from the molecular adhesive, losing only a few hundred thousand taste buds in the process.

Narrator: You slowly float off into space. As if knowing you're about to become cosmic flotsam isn't bad enough, you are severely depressed by the act of watching your pathetic life pass before your eyes.
(This message seems to imply that there's another death in the non-talkie aside from the electrocution one, but it doesn't seem to exist in the demo proper.)


One last thing the non-talkie has that no other version of the game has is this unused title screen:

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