Toonstruck's audio files are easily played with Game Audio Player (just run a Google search on it to find a place to download it). However, during my search through the files, I discovered many sound clips that didn't appear in the game. Here is a sample of some of my more interesting finds.

A disclaimer: Some of these sound clips might actually appear in the game, but because of Toonstruck's obscurity, their occurrences haven't been "documented" yet. If you have encountered one of these "cut" sound clips in Toonstruck, let me know how it can be accessed so that I can correct my mistake(s).

One observation I made while going through the sound files is that whenever there was a message where Drew and Flux said something in unison, it would almost always be immediately followed by the same message, only without Drew's line.

An extended description of the gold watering can trophy. I guess that last sentence was deemed too naughty, even for a game like this. Correction: It actually does appear in the game, but apparently very rarely. I got it to play right after dealing with the Footman, but only once.

There are multiple variations on this line in the game (the first part of which is a phrase frequently used by Christopher Lloyd in the Back to the Future series), all of which are the result of Drew using the roasting spit on various individuals. However, the writers apparently forgot that he doesn't acquire the spit sometime after the Footman is put out of commission, and this line made it into the game’s resource files.

Flux can't be asked to play the organ in the tavern, yet here are some messages with Drew asking him to (and regretting it) plus the barman's reaction. I couldn't find any corresponding music, though.

I don't think it's possible to get Flux to play WACMAN for you, yet this clip has Drew doing just that. This clip has Drew talking to the cashier after Flux has beaten him.

These clips appeared in the resource files in this order, and it seems like that's the way they were meant to be played, yet only the first two lines are heard in the game (in the arcade).

I suppose these messages were meant to be played after Drew smashes the Strengthometer, but they aren't.

There's no way of getting the vulture feather until after the barn has been malevolated, yet there are messages in the resource files with Drew using the feather on non-malevolated Marge the cow.

Most of the time in Toonstruck, Drew will look at an object if you right-click on it. However, right-clicking on an off-screen location merely acts as a shortcut to that location, so there's no way you can get a visual description of, say, the doorway leading to the robot shop or the path leading to King Hugh's castle. Yet in the resource files, there are several messages resulting from looking at spots like these:
The message associated with the path to the farm
Flux's description of one of the paths in Zanydu
A description of one of the paths in the "Hole Travel" dimension
A description of one of the other paths

This is from the Way-Outback screen. It sounds as if Drew and Flux are walking along the train tracks as they're saying this.

Drew asks Flux to help him fix the Zanydu clock. There are also a couple of clips (not in this file) with Drew saying that the clock's levers are rusty and can't be moved.

Drew asks Flux to use the gift machine in Wacme, which Flux does with (apparently) immediate success.

An interesting clip of the robot maker's voice without the metallic effect added to it.

This line appears in the files for the air duct screen (presumably meant to play after Drew climbs down the wall in his fly costume), but it never appears in the game (to my knowledge).

The second half of this line does appear in the game, but very rarely. It's a longer description of the contents of Nefarious's medicine cabinet. I got it to play after getting caught by the guards and re-escaping, but only once.

The videos in Toonstruck are .smk files, a format that can be played using RAD Video Tools (Google it; it's free to download), though the interlaced videos end up looking pretty squashed and the non-interlaced videos occasionally suffer the same problem for some reason. There appears to be only one video that doesn't appear in the game: 437M.SMK, which is found on Disc 2, under the "CLOWNRM" directory (which contains the files associated with Spike's cell). Oddly, this video is just one image displayed for a few seconds, with no sound save for some static near the end. It seems to be some sort of "placeholder" video.

Apparently there either are or were other phone numbers to dial besides the WACME contest's number and the Toilet Sentry's number. Click on one of the three Flash screens below to "dial" one of these other numbers. If you press a button and have two or three dots appear above it, that means that there is more than one possible response you can get from pressing it. Just click one of the dots to hear one of the responses. I included subtitles in these screens too, and just as in Toonstruck, Drew's text is orange, Fluffy's is pink, Ms. Fortune's is red, Jim's is light blue and Flux's is purple.

There is a fourth phone number that connects you to Nefarious's henchmen...or in this case, just their answering machine.

UPDATE (9-12-11): One of the members of the Toonstruck 2 fan project has created a program which can extract the contents of Toonstruck's PAK files (uploaded to my site since the original file seems to be gone now), which consist of backgrounds and sprites. There are several items I've discovered which weren't included in the final product which must have been meant to be used in the unreleased sequel.


The only unused background I could find was this image of a knife. It must have been meant to be an inventory item.

Dialogue Icons:
An icon of a knife (which must be the same one used in the background I just mentioned).

A glass container of some kind.

A cot (possibly from the conversation with the insane dentist)?

A couple of unidentifiable doo-dads.

All these icons must be dialogue options from the conversation with Vincent van Gogh (which was cut from the original game with the intent of including it in the sequel).

An icon of Drew as a toon.

Inventory Items:
A beach ball.

A bow.

A lump of chewing gum.

This Sheriff's star and this hat must have been from the Old West scene that was cut from the game.

Lugnut's hearing aid (which Drew would have steal from him and give to Vincent van Gogh in the sequel).

A fishing pole.

A couple of unidentifiable fruits. UPDATE (1-18-12): Cyrus (from the AGS forums) pointed out that these actually are Flux's glasses!

The same knife which has appeared twice in this list already.

A burnt-out light bulb (maybe the one which represents Drew's creativity and needs to be replaced?).

I'm not sure what this is. It looks like a fuse.

Feedback's mouthpiece.

The toilet plunger with a rope attached to it (originally, Drew had to shoot this over an impassable gap between him and the Malevolator [most likely with the bow that appeared earlier in this list]).

I don't think this appeared in the game. It looks like a pile of grapes.

A rope needed for the rope-plunger combination.

More unidentifiable thingies.

These look like the same doo-dads from the dialogue icon I listed earlier.

A bust of Nefarious which Vincent was going to carve for Drew in exchange for Drew's giving him Lugnut's hearing aid.

A teddy bear (probably part of the bedroom scene where Drew has to confront his nightmares).

A toaster and a...super-toaster? UPDATE (2-24-12): The "super-toaster" is most likely the one in the robot maker's shop in the Malevolands (another addition by Cyrus).

A brick which I don't think appeared in the original game. EDIT (1-20-12): Cyrus suggested that this might be the chewing gum from earlier in this list in its pre-chewed state.

Spike destroying yet another innocent balloon animal.

Drew turning off the turkey-delivering robot (who hasn't been colored properly yet) by simply pressing its "Off" button. Wow, that sure would have made that part of the game easier...

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