Akril's Little Page of Amusing Lion King Stuff

This page includes images related to The Lion King (TLK) and The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride (TLK2:SP or SP) that I didn't submit to The Lion King Fan Art Archive because they include media from other sources and very little original material. Visit my gallery there if you want to see my original fanart.

Graphics and Ramblings

Is Scar Kiara's Real Father? - Looking into the evidience behind this bizarre theory, of which there is a surprisingly large amount of.

The TLK "Ear Rim" Hypothesis - An attempt to rationalize the strange behavior of the dark ear rims gained and lost by some of the characters in TLK and TLK2:SP.

Nala's Understudy - Ever wonder why Nala looks so different in TLK2:SP than she does in TLK? Well, here's a hypothesis that attempts to explain this discrepancy using a character from the TLK comics...

Nala's Eye colors in TLK2:SP and TLK6NA - A hypothesis that completely contradicts the previous one but attempts to explain the same problem. It also tries to rationalize why Nala's eyes are described as "amber" and "golden" in the series of books The Lion King: Six New Adventures.

My Completely Unofficial Semi-Canon TLK Family Tree - My family tree that attempts to incorporate just about every single semi-canon character -- that is, characters from the TLK books, comics, and one video game based on TLK2:SP.

A Little Something Regarding Nala's Eyes - What the title says.

Semi-Canon Rant - A rambling piece I wrote about semi-canon TLK material.

"Friends for Life" - An English transcript of a German TLK audio play that takes place after TLK and features Kopa (of TLK:6NA fame). In this story, Kopa befriends a hyena pup named Asante.

"Fight for the Throne" - Another English version of a German TLK audio play -- This one takes place after the events of "Friends for Life". In this story, a hyena named Fisi plots to have the hyenas reclaim the Pride Lands as their own.

Note: Tacimur uploaded the original audio of the stories as well as a translated version of "Fight for the Throne". I only made a few small edits to the version of "Fight for the Throne" on this site, as well as the transcript of "Friends for Life" (which was translated by Savu0211 and edited by Rinjapine). The original audio of both plays can be found here, and the original transcript of "Fight for the Throne" (which is split into two parts) can be downloaded from here and here. You can also view the German transcript of "Friends for Life" (in PDF format) here.

Comics and other Semi-Official Stuff

My TLK Comics Photobucket Imgur Page - Here's where I've uploaded most of the non-English TLK comics I've found and translated. I've also included a few lesser-known comics, like "Birds of a Feather". For even more TLK comics, check out Koraden's Photobucket Page. EDIT (7-30-17): I relocated the comics to Imgu, which unfortunately means no seperate folders for the comics. I tried to make sure the pages were all in order, though.

TLK Comic Dates - A list of the publishing dates of just about all of the currently available TLK comics.

Untranslated, Unresized TLK Comics - Want to read a lot of the TLK comics in their original language and at their original dimensions? If you want to do either or both, then check out this folder!

The Simba's Pride Comic - I've translated the little-known Simba's Pride comic novelization into English! Read it here.

The Lion King: Hakuna Matata - No, this has nothing to do with The Lion King 1.5/3. It's a series of illustrated stories from a magazine called "The Lion King: A Nature Fun and Learn Series". They take place during Simba's life with Timon and Pumbaa, during which they encounter many new friends and foes. Lil_Cheetah scanned these stories and posted them online, and since these stories aren't nearly as well-known as TLK6NA or the TLK comics, I decided to include a link to them on this page.

The Lion King Comic - The UK version of the official TLK comic novelization! This isn't part of my site, but I figured I'd post a link to this comic since I already posted a link to the SP comic here.

Tales of Old

These stories were originally posted to lionking.org's fan fiction page, but after a few years I decided to have them taken off that site for various reasons mentioned below. Even though I'm not fond of all of them, I decided to keep them available here for "historical" purposes as well as for the few people that actually like the ones that I'm embarrassed about.

"The Lion King III: Tanabi's Return" (4/3/2000)
My first formal TLK fanfic, and probably the most infamous. It takes place after Simba's Pride and relates the history of Simba's long lost son and his return to his homeland. It was written way before Kopa became so well known in the fandom and began getting killed off by Zira thanks to the theories of numerous fans. Before him, there was Tanabi, a fan-constructed character who pretty much filled the Simba's son "niche" until the release of Simba's Pride, but his drift into obscurity didn't really begin until Kopa became a "thing". This story hasn't aged well and is bound to tick off some readers, so peruse at your own risk.

"After the Union" (8/28/2001)
A brief sequel to Tanabi's return made up of a series of vignettes flashing back to events from the films. Not too much to say about this story -- it's pretty much more of the same, though not quite as offensive.

"Cracks in the Ice" (5/10/2002)
A story about Tanabi's relationship with Vitani. I thought this story was pretty good for a while, but it's lost its appeal to me over time.

"Simba’s Pride: The Road Less Traveled" (8/30/2002)
My first story that takes place in an alternate universe (a theme which I've been playing with ever since). It pretty much takes the question "What would have happened if Tanabi wasn't kidnapped as an infant?" and runs with it. This is one of my most enjoyed stories, and it has stood the test of time pretty well. I didn't want to take it off lionking.org, but I knew that if I didn't, people would probably start asking about the stories that came before it. It just seemed simpler if I kept all of these stories in one place rather than split them up.

"Author's Notes" (11/12/2004)
Not a story, but a brief piece explaining the history of the previous four stories (pretty much like this section, only longer).