Adventure: All in the Game Walkthrough

This walkthrough contains all the steps you'll need to take in order to complete the game. Don't use it unless you're really stuck, as it's bound to spoil parts of the game for you!

The Intro:

Pick up a rock from the beach. Don't throw it directly at the bird (since it will dodge it), but either to the left or to the right of the bird. Pick up the note and either give it to Toshi or talk to him.

After the conversation with Tlotzin (in which he tells Thalia that she has to track down a kid that is being trained to be in the CGMS), use the CommKey on the doorway on the right side of the screen and choose the Space Quest 4 location.

In Space Quest 4, talk with Ichabod about at least one subject. He'll give Thalia a flea collar. Now use the CommKey on the door in the upper right corner and go to Toonstruck.

In Toonstruck, use the collar on the large gray dog near the top of the screen. After he's through talking with Thalia, show him the photo that Tlotzin gave her and he'll say that the person Thalai is looking for is in Grim Fandango. Use the CommKey on the righthand doorway and Thalia will automatically go there.

Once in Grim Fandango, talk to the red-haired kid wearing the blue high-tech armor. This is Sledge Rockfist, the kid Thalia is going to be training. Thalia will call Tlotzin, and he will send her the locations of two new games where Sledge's first two assignments (that is, puzzles) are located. Use the CommKey on the doorway at ground level and choose either destination. (It doesn't matter which assignment you start or finish first.)

The Big Red Adventure Assignment:

In the study in The Big Red Adventure, Jimmy Suttle tells Thalia and Sledge that an unknown character entered the room, stole a fountain pen formerly sitting on the table, broke a jar of some sort of chemical and dropped a puzzle box on the floor before leaving. Pick up the puzzle box and talk to Sledge. Ask him about the thing on his eye and he'll tell Thalia that it's a device used to scan and detect various chemicals. Ask him to scan the puddle and he will do so, discovering that the chemical is chloroform. Use the CommKey on the door and Thalia will scan it to determine where the intruder went after leaving the room. She and Sledge will follow it to a large blue temple.

After a short cutscene where a character with a magnet in his pocket gets stuck to Sledge's armor, use Sledge's scanner (in Thalia's inventory) on various characters until you find one with a trace of choloform on him. Talk to this character, and Thalia will automatically show him the puzzle box she found in The Big Red Adventure. This will be enough to make the character break down and confess. Thalia will give him the puzzle box and he will give her the pen he stole. Use the commkey on the door in the back wall and return to The Big Red Adventure. Don't worry about Jimmy, just give Sledge the pen so that he can replace it.

The "most offensive adventure game ever" Assignment:

After arriving, Jeb will eventually tell Thalia that his sheep is stuck in a mud pit. This is Sledge's assignment in this game. Talk to Jeb and ask him about his sheep. He'll tell Thalia that biscuits are its favorite food. Ask him if he has any. He'll say that he doesn't, but that his wife should be able to make some if Thalia and Sledge are able to bring him some flour. Take the shears and the pouch from Jeb's porch. Use the CommKey on the door and Thalia will tell Sledge that though there currently aren't any available places where they can find some ready-made flour, there is a room where they can find some wheat which can be ground into flour. When the CommKey window appears, Discworld II will appear as a destination. Go there.

Once in Discworld II, walk right until you reach the large field of wheat. Give the shears to Sledge (since this is his assignment) and he will cut some wheat and give it to Thalia. Use the CommKey on the stable (since its door is being used as an exit) and go to the temple (Note: The temple is only open after leaving The Big Red Adventure for the first time).

In the temple, use the wheat on the large stone altar in the lower right corner, then talk to Sledge and mention his boots. Then ask him to grind the wheat, which he reluctantly does. Use the pouch on the ground wheat, and you end up with a pouch full of flour. Return to "the most offensive adventure game ever" and give the flour to Jeb. After a short cutscene, he'll give you a biscuit as well as the pouch. (At this point, you can return the shears to the porch if you like.)

Walk to the mud pit, where the sheep is stuck. Upon seeing you, she will panic and paddle to the far side of the puddle, where she is quite out of reach. Pick up the rope hanging from the fence (which is unfortunately not quite long enough to lasso the sheep). Use the biscuit on the sheep and she will come a little closer to Thalia and Sledge. Give Sledge the rope and he will lasso the sheep and try to pull her out, but fail. Talk to him and ask him to try pulling the sheep again. When he starts pulling the rope, quickly use the hand icon on Sledge and Thalia will help him pull the sheep out, completing the assignment.

The Third Assignment:

Sledge's third assignment is just a cutscene, which is interrupted by a call from Tlotzin. After he hits Thalia and Sledge with the shocking news about what's going on, Thalia goes to an unused room from Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers. Notice that there is an object that clashes with the rest of the scene lying on the ground in the lower right corner. Pick it up and find out that it's a toothbrush. Open Thalia's inventory and use the hand icon on it to discover that there is a note wrapped around the toothbrush's handle with a room code written on it. Use the CommKey on the door on the left side of the screen.

The Plot Thickens:

After arriving in the room that the code was for, Thalia will have a lengthy discussion with the orc hanging from the wall there. He tells her the truth about what's going on, and that there is a device that is causing all the characters in the Adventure genre to behave like they are from the Action genre, and that Thalia has to find the character who was assembling another device to counter the effects of the "action ray". Use the CommKey on the door and go to the temple.

Once in the temple, say the "NPC" code phrase to the various male characters there until you find the one you're looking for. He'll tell you that the anti-Action device is hidden at the bottom of a well in "the most offensive adventure game ever" and give you a chameleon jumpsuit clip-on to disguise you as one of the characters from that game. Before using the CommKey on the door to go to that game, pick up the brightly colored glove lying on the floor.

Once you arrive in "the most offensive adventure game ever", open Thalia's inventory and use the hand icon on the chameleon jumpsuit clip-on to activate Thalia's disguise. This will let her get past the hired hand. Head south.

At the well, use the glove on the rusty shovel to pick it up. Thalia doesn't have enough time or strength to dig up the well, but there is another way to solve this problem. Dump the dirt in the wheelbarrow into the well, then hide behind the rocks in the lower right-hand corner. When the hired hand arrives and sees the well filled with dirt and the shovel missing, he'll think that Billy-Bob (who Thalia is disguised as) were digging in the well and it collapsed on him. He'll then run to get help and return with several men who quickly dig out the well and uncover the device Thalia was looking for. Thalia will take the device and return to the temple.

Give the device to Yodle. He tries powering it up and discovers that the device has a part that needs replacing and tells Thalia to find a washer with a 9-millimeter hole. He also gives her a laser cutter in case she has to make a washer herself. Use the CommKey to leave the room. En route to her next destination, Thalia walks through a room in Simon the Sorcerer and notices a coin lying on the ground. When she picks it up, however, she is teleported to a strange room with no furnishings, windows or doors. Use the hand icon on the various surfaces and you'll find that the ceiling is the only one that sounds hollow. Use the laser cutter on the ceiling and Thalia will cut a large hole in it. Use the hand icon on the hole to manipulate the three large dials. Keep fiddling with the dials until the grooves in all three are lined up with the slot near the bottom of the screen. The ceiling will then hinge upward and Thalia will climb out and discover where this "room" is.

Thalia is now back in Toonstruck.** After she recovers, pick up the glass of alcohol sitting on the table in the lower right corner. Use the CommKey on the left door and go to Tlotzin's game. Once Thalia gets there, have her talk to Tlotzin until he agrees to open a Portal in Inca 2, the game where Sledge currently is. Unfortunately, since Tlotzin refuses to print out a cross-genre permit that will let Thalia enter that game, Thalia needs to find another supervisor who will do this. Use the pouch on the bowl of chili powder next to Tlotzin to collect some of it, then use the CommKey to leave the room. Return to the temple.

Talk to the low-resolution character sitting by the door. He reveals that he is a CGMS agent, but refuses to tell Thalia where his supervisor is. Ask him what he's eating. Offer him the glass of alcohol and he declines, saying that he gets drunk very easily. Use the chili powder on the bowl of peanuts in front of him. When he starts sweating, give him the alcohol, then talk to him again. This time, he happily tells you which room his supervisor is in before passing out. Leave the temple and go to Phantasmagoria, where the supervisor is.

In Phantasmagoria, talk to Kay until Thalia is able to "persuade" her to print out a permit. Unfortunately, Thalia starts to succumb to the action ray's effects and finds herself inside her own head, facing off against her Action side. While Thalia is hiding behind the piano, take the brown wig and take the scissors from the toolbox. In Thalia's inventory, use the scissors on the wig to crop the hair short so that it looks like Thalia's own hair. Use the wig on the area behind the piano until Action runs out of charges. Thalia will then confront her, but Action will throw her a sword and demand that she fight with her. Look at the round shadow and Thalia will notice the sandbag hanging above the stage. Wait until Action is standing directly under the shadow, then use the sword on the ropes tied to the pin rail. The sandbag will fall, knocking Action out and returning Thalia to her senses.

Sledge Again:

Thalia is back in the temple. Now that she has a cross-genre permit, she can go to Inca 2. Talk to Sledge and find that he's pretty depressed about being branded as the source of the genre's problem and nothing Thalia says will lift his spirits. Try using the coin on him and you'll see that he's in such a funk that he doesn't even feel like using his blaster to shoot a hole in the coin. Go to Toonstruck and pick up the marker near one of the doors. Now go to "the most offensive adventure game ever" and pick one of the large green squashes. Remember those aliens that Sledge mentioned that look like large green pears which he said he always shoots right between the eyes? Use the marker on the squash and Thalia will draw a face on it. Now use the coin on it.

Return to Inca 2 and use the "alien" on Sledge. He'll shoot it, making a nice hole in the center of the coin. Go back to the temple and give the washer to Yodle. He'll give Thalia the completed device and tell her to plant it in Tlon: A Misty Story before activating it. Leave the room.

The Last Act:

As Thalia is heading for Tlon, she passes through several different rooms. Unfortunately, in the third room, she encounters the bum that was in Toonstruck the first time she was in that room, and the action ray has made him eager for a fight. When Thalia tries to leave the room through the only other doorway, her Action side reappears, blocking the way. Use the glove on the bum to bring him back to his senses. after he leaves, use the hand icon on the door to find that Thalia needs to solve a slider puzzle in order to make the doorway useable by her CommKey. Move the tiles until they all match up (most of the pieces have borders on them -- these form a framed image). After opening the door, Thalia will finally arrive in Tlon: A Misty Story. Use the device on the ground near the ruins. She'll put it down, turn it on, then runs away, trying to get as far from Tlon as possible.

Unfortunately, she encounters a huge, mutated, Action-minded Qoppa as she's running through one of the rooms in King's Quest V. Wait for a few seconds, and Sledge will show up. Have Thalia try talking to him and she'll start signalling him with hand gestures. Point to the chandelier hanging above Qoppa and Sledge will shoot it down, knocking Qoppa out.

Sledge and Thalia leave King's Quest V and enter a room from a cancelled game. Yodle then shows up and quickly makes it clear that the action ray has infected him as well. He uses a device on Sledge that swaps their minds, leaving Sledge's mind in an incapacitated old body while Yodle's mind is in a young, fit body equipped with powerful weapons. Action then shows up to taunt Thalia again. As "Sledge" is trying to figure out how his blaster works, run towards the crane in the background. Thalia will run away, towards the crane.

When Thalia reaches the crane cab, touch the panel and discover that a three-number code has to be entered to turn on the crane. Use what's left of the chili powder on the panel. The powder will stick to the keys that have been used the most (and thus have the most fingerprints on them). Keep entering codes with the numbers that have the most powder on them until you get the correct code. Sit back and enjoy the final cutscenes -- you've won the game!

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**NOTE: If Thalia talks to Jimmy and tells him that she isn't infected, she will wind up imprisoned in a cave in Warcraft Adventures, being guarded by a trigger-happy, musclebound guard. To escape, use Thalia's CommKey on the laser beams while the guard is facing away from her. The CommKey's reflective metal cover will fry the emitters of one of the beams.

Now that there's a hole in the bars, pick up a rock from the cave floor and throw it at the guard. He'll whirl around and fire his gun at Thalia, but the blast will bounce off the beams and hit him, knocking him out. Use the CommKey on the rest of the beams and Thalia will be free. Get the rest of Thalia's possessions from Klunk and Thalia will take a Bingo dauber from him. Use the CommKey to leave the room through the opening in the cave.

The rest of the game will continue the same as before, but Thalia will need to use the dauber to decorate the squash since the marker won't be available.

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